A Funny Story

Lauren got to play with her boy cousins a while ago and they taught her a little bit about guns. Well a very little bit. She was building with legos and built herself a gun. She jumped onto the couch and said "I'm GUN GUN GUNNING." As she was getting off the couch she dropped her lego gun and said "Oh!!!! My Shoot." Got things a little bit backwards. Kind of on the same note she calls the washer "the wet dryer." Funny Funny girl.

McKenna has been saying quite a few words, but I'm not sure anyone would know that they are words.

Cookie= coookie

candy= andy

Hold me= olde mie

jacket= jayka

croc= cock

boots= boots

map= map

backpack= baa paac

rock-a-bye= rok-by

book= bok

diaper= biper

blanket= E-E

milk= mock

goodnight= nigh nigh

sock= ock

help= eeelp

tickle= ickle icke

apple= oppole

She also says mommy and daddy, uh-oh, yes and no. That's all that I can think of right now, but I am sure there are more.


Things I hate

1. Forgetting to set our clocks back and show up at church an hour early. When we pulled in I said "There aren't very many cars here for 9:00 o'clock and 11:00 o'clock church." And when we were walking in the halls I wondered why there were so many people, but it didn't click until I walked into the nursery and saw a bunch of kids that were not in our ward. So Lame.

2. I hate beef jerky, or deer jerky. Just the smell makes me so nauseous.

3. I hate falling asleep before I have done my bedtime business. (washing face, brushing teeth, praying).

4. I hate waking up at 2:00am to do bedtime business when I have falling asleep before doing bedtime business.

5. I hate having headaches everyday.

6. I hate how quickly and thoroughly addicted I get to things. (Italian Soda, HGTV, Glee (which I said I was giving up, but I'm on the wagon again), Scarecrow and Mrs. King).

7. I hate that whenever I borrow anything from anybody it winds up broken. You have been warned. Loan at your own risk.

8. I hate getting back from the grocery store and then realize that I forgot something.

9. I hate fish, all kinds.

10. I hate that I eat too much and then feel like I'm going to throw-up all night. (While typing this I am eating a cookie, after I have already had a big dinner and dessert).

11. I hate that whenever I have company the food never turns out like it should.

12. I hate being startled awake. I feel jittery and nervous for like a half-hour.

13. I hate returning things to the store. It is such a hassle.

14. I hate that apartments don't have a ceiling light in the living room.

15. I hate math. Hate. Hate. Hate.

16. I hate all the new songs by Tim McGraw

17. I hate going out to dinner and end up getting mediocre food. If I wanted mediocre food I would have stayed home and made dinner.

18. I hate the bitter winds of winter.

19. I hate the smell of gas fireplaces.

20. I hate getting stains on new clothes.



1. In ninth grade I stapled my finger on purpose to see if it would hurt. It did.

2. I stick candy wrappers in the couch cushions. Or just throw them on the floor.

3. I have had an Italian soda almost everyday for two weeks.

4. I somehow graduated from high school without taking a world history class and sometimes when people talk about history I have no idea what they are talking about.

5. I like to eat macaroni and cheese cold.

6. I'm scared of going into a new building (ex: doctor's office, community centers, schools) because I think I'll get lost or I'll do it wrong (if there is a way to actually find your way wrong? (If that makes any sense? (So I always give myself some extra time ))).

7. I usually only like books or movies if there is a love story involved.

8. I didn't get asked to prom junior or senior year. In fact I don't think I ever really got asked out on a date until after I graduated from high school.

9. I daydream about having hundreds of pairs of heels. Lined up lovely on shelves of course.

10. Jeff and I had our first kiss before our first date.

11. I cried watching "Cars" today. You know the part where Lightening McQueen stops to help "The King." Gets me every time.

12. I hate washing windows.

13. I had headgear that I had to wear at night when I was a teenager.

14. I still use my fingers to count. (Only the hard ones like 7+5 and 8+5).

15. I love to eat laffy taffys becuase its candy and entertainment. (But only the pink kind).

16. I think that I am a little bit psychic. For real.



I just want to entertain you with a few of Lauren's conversations that I overheard.

Lauren: "I eat my boogers. Sometimes they are old and yuckers. And sometimes they are yum yum yummers."

(This was so funny to me, kind of disgusting, but still funny). We have been working with her on this, but every time we tell her not to, she thinks it is funnier and ends up doing it more.

Here is the second conversation

Lauren: "Lauren, do you believe in God?"

Lauren: "No."

Lauren: "NOOO???? Why not?"

Lauren: "Because he lives so far far away."


I can't believe that it has been over a month since I blogged. I have felt busy but I am not really sure what I have been up to. Here are a few things that I can think of:

1. Making a stick horse for western day at Lauren's preschool. Let's just say that it involved sewing. Shocker right?

2. Making a dress for western day. Which incidentally didn't get worn on western day.

3. Working on a magnetic board. Why is everything so much harder than it should be.

4. Christmas shopping and Christmas dreaming.

5. Family trip to Vala's pumpkin patch with Lauren's preschool.

6. Sick with G.I. flu (sorry, no pictures of that).

7. Reading lots of books.

8. Making stuffed fabric pumpkins which my sister says look like apples.

9. Refereeing two girls who always want what the other has.

10. Working on polishing off two bags of Halloween candy before Halloween.

11. Playing in the beautiful fall leaves while it is still warm.


What I did this Weekend

1. Went to the grocery store three times in one day

2. Got carded for buying non-alcoholic margarita mix.

3. Went to three stores looking for a picnic basket (can you believe that we don't own one)

4. Couldn't find a said picnic basket (can you believe that we STILL don't own one)?

5. Went on a picnic with Jeff (with food in a paper sack (it's a step up from the regular plastic sack)).

6. Finally went to find out what was at Memorial Park

7. Wasted a good hour and a half at Nebraska Furniture Mart (I could go on every date to NFM)

8. Went to G.I. for the Nebraska State Fair

9. Went to a Demolition Derby for the first time ever

10. Ate a deep fat fried Twinkie for the first time.

This is the girls at the D.D. my camera died before I got any pictures of the cars. Look at the picture above and see how dirty Lauren's hands are. It was so windy at the fair and sand would just blow into your eyes. I came home and felt so dirty. There was even dirt in the girls' ears.

This was Lauren's first day of preschool. She loves it. On the first day of school the teachers sent her home with candy and she has been in love ever since. It is so weird picking her up from preschool. She seems older somehow. She is learning things that I didn't teach her and when she tells me stuff that happened in preschool I just have to believe her because I wasn't there. And I don't think McKenna knows what to do with herself. I decided that McKenna would never cry if Lauren didn't take toys away from her, she was so quiet while Lauren was at preschool.


Vote Here

Okay so Jeff and I recently watched the new Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and then last night we stayed up til 1:00am watching the six tape Collin Firth Pride and Prejudice. And had a fairly heated discussion about which one was better. Jeff thinks the new one is better (I think it is because he thinks that Keira knightley is cute), he also says that it makes you feel more emotion than the old one does.

So which one is overall better? Leave comments here.



I made this cake for my really good friend's baby shower. It took me all week, but since it is something that I love to do, it doesn't bother me at all. (But I do have to say just one or two cakes in a year is enough, and if I did more than that I probably wouldn't love it).

The cake isn't perfect by any means but it is the best one that I have done. I made my own fondant this time and it was much easier to work with and so much softer. I can't comment on the taste because I didn't taste it, and haven't tasted store bought fondant either. (Oh and I didn't make any of those other tasty goodies. That was all Melanie).


Out of the Mouth of Babes

I had to post this conversation that I had with Lauren just now.

Me: I love you babe.

Lauren: I don't love you.

Me: Really???

Lauren: I love just my Daddy. I love for you to go to cub scouts.


Our Home (basically pictures of our apartment)

Okay for some reason blogger has been really weird for me. I know that one time I had pictures up of our apartment, but the post is gone. So here is round two of our apartment. Sorry if you have already either seen these pictures, or been to our apartment and know what it looks like. Also for those of you who are interested I decided not to go back to school right now. I AM SO RELIEVED. I just thought that I would need a lot of support and Jeff needs support too. I guess I'll wait until I am a more motivated person or until Jeff isn't busy. (I'm not really sure which one will come first).

(The painting above the fireplace is one that I painted. I know it doesn't look like much and it really isn't much, but it does look better in person). This last weekend I took a class from a "Certified Bob Ross Instructor" at Hobby Lobby. It started a 9:30am and went until 3:30pm. It was long and I had a sore neck and shoulders for the next couple of days, but I do now have a painting in my kitchen of a "happy, dead tree." I think that must be my theme.

It's pretty self-explanatory as to which room is which. And sorry about the tree being in the picture again. I know I already posted about it, but I do really love it.


Things I want to Do

The weather the last two days has been hinting at fall. I love fall the very best out of all the seasons. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to....

1. Clean out my car and take it to a car wash

2. Go buy cool jackets. (I love layering)

3. Go buy boots (I love boots)

4. Make pumpkin chocolate chip bread

5. Go through boxes and toys and re-organize

6. Go on a picnic

7. Kidnap Jeff from school and go do something fun

8. Sit outside and just take deep breaths.

9. Make casseroles and warm food

10. Buy a backpack and other school supplies.

MMMMMM.......I love fall


Things I learned in Texas

1. The sun is much hotter there, and you burn much more quickly.

(Did I mention that is was hot)??? Look at my sweaty girls

2. Spray on sunscreen put on in the wind isn't a good idea. Hence the learning of numero uno.
3. The ocean is very loud.

4. I decided that I am scared of the ocean because of its vastness. I like to see boundaries.

(Lauren loved loved loved the ocean)

5. The ocean is salty. Yuck

6. I could live in San Antonio. The riverwalk made me feel like I was in a different country.

7. Shammo is very very huge.

8. A whale show can make me emotional enough to cry.

(Here we are awaiting the show)

9. 3 adults in the backseat of a minivan makes for a hard time sleeping in the night

10. Pepto Bismol is a very good product. Don't ask.

11. I am scared of roller coasters. I opened my eyes once and saw that I was a bit tilted and really high and going really fast and then promptly closed my eyes and tried to relax for the rest of the ride.

12. It is possible for both of my girls to fall asleep after SeaWorld before we even left the parking lot. Just a wee tired, you think????

The girls awaitng swimming at SeaWorld. The water was so warm from the heat that it almost wasn't refreshing. Lauren went down her first waterslide here.

13. Boogie Boarding is really fun and really tiring.
14. Historic Galveston is a really sweet place.
This is the hotel that Jeff and I stayed at.
This is a place where Jeff and I ate dinner. It was really good except that we walked over a mile to get there. Through kind of a not so good part of town. Next time we'll drive. (Lesson number 14 1/2).
Picture of Us before we walked to dinner. We probably didn't look like this when we got there. Did I mention that it was really really hot??
15. Hurricane damage is quite frightening. (It has been 2 or 3 years since the last hurricane and there is still damage that hasn't been fixed. As in a giant hotel that is half in the water. (Some of the walls were missing and all the windows were broken and they are just now starting to tear it down)).

16. GPS is a life saver.
17. Toll roads are stupid
18. Houston drivers are crazy. I was driving and there was a huge billboard that said "Use caution Next 20 miles. 5 dead and 70 injuries." Scary right? So I look over and on the other side of the road there was a huge accident and lots of firetrucks and ambulances. Luckily we only got honked at once or twice, and missed the barricade on a quick exit. Hee Hee. Maybe I shouldn't have been driving.
19. Barney can keep Lauren entertained for hours. Literally hours. We Know.
20. Family Vacations are a lot of Fun.


Back to School

Jeff had to go back to school today. We were so very sad. Anyway here is a sweet conversation between Jeff and Lauren.

Lauren: You have to go back to school????

Daddy: Yep.

Lauren: Why do you have to go back to school?

Daddy: So I can finish and be a doctor

Lauren: (In the saddest voice you can imagine) I don't want you to be a doctor.



Today I am feeling a little sick. Just a fever and a few aches, but I am fine otherwise. I have so many back posts to do, but right now I am just going to say that we are trying to potty train Lauren. We gave her a drink and told her that if she went potty in the toilet she would get two M&Ms (her choice). Well it has been one hour and she has been five times. She just barely gets off the potty and washes her hands before she announces in a semi-excited, semi-terrified voice that "I'm GOING." I'm ready to put a diaper back on her.

Soon I will post about our trip to Texas and all other past excitements.

Also I am need of a good ice cream. I am so tired of going to the store and buying ice cream and having it not be good. But here is a list of kinds that I don't like

1. I don't like chocolate ice cream
2. I don't like butterscotch
3. I don't love caramel
4. I don't like nuts.

So if you have a favorite ice cream that doesn't involve these things leave a comment and I'll try it and if I love it, then I'll be greatly indebted to you.



So as promised here are a couple of pictures of random projects and my new blondies.

This is a picture of the hutch I bought on craigslist for my kitchen. It was a ghastly shade of forest green but it is much better now especially with the new hardware.

This is a picture of our dining room. Are you noticing my beautiful tree. This is what I tell everybody who asks about it; "It is like a fake tree, but it's real, but it's dead." Cool Right???Here is a picture of me and my girl. She went 'peeps' on the potty for the first time last week. It was kind of exciting actually. We go to the doctor today for her three year check-up and for McKenna's 15 month check-up. (I want Mickey to be her nickname but spell it like this: McKe. Is that totally dorky)?? (I'll need your help calling her that though, more than one person has to call her McKe for it to be a nickname).

And here are my new blond hairs. Okay my hair is not usually this flippy-outey, this is my attempt at straightening, Pathetic right? The hair is okay for summer, but I have no intentions of being a permanent blond.

Today is Jeff's boards, so if you can say a little prayer for him, I know that he would appreciate it. I am so glad that it is ALMOST OVER. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bragged about Jeff on my family blog, but I'll brag about him here too. He recieved a regent scholarship again this year. I am so proud of him and all of his hard, focused work that lets him be a great student and a great husband and father. (Just a side note; it you look closely behind me you will see my giraffe covered bar stools)


Another Year

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Lauren's third birthday was a week ago. Sorry it took so long for me to get this posted but our borrowed internet wasn't working. Sheesh. So enjoy it. We borrowed my parents old digital camera (thanks again). (Why didn't I think of that earlier)??? If my house ever gets cleaned maybe I'll post pictures of our new 'crib.'


Apartment Living

It has been two months since we have moved to our apartment. I realized this the other day and asked Jeff if he could believe that is has only been two months since we moved? He said no. Let me clarify that confusing conversation; I can't believe its only been two months. I feel like we have been here forever. Perhaps we are just super quick adapters. And perhaps super quick get bored-ers as well. Which is perhaps why we don't mind moving (or should I say "I").

I would post pictures of our apartment ,which is in my opinion lovely, but our camera is still lost. (Would you people get busy and start looking for it; it is a Cannon and it is blue and small and filled with pictures of us). I have been keeping myself busy with projects. Here is a list of projects that I have done since moving in.

1. Buying and painting a hutch for my kitchen.

2. Covering my stools in giraffe print material

3. dragging a stick up to my apartment.

4. Spray painting a pot for said stick

5. Spray painted some old pictures frames and mats.

6. Spray painted some jars for my kitchen

7. Spray painted a vase (does it sound like I'm addicted to spray paint)?

8. Made a headboard (still in progress, someday I will find nail head trim).

9. Painted a picture for above my fireplace

10. Ruined said picture above my fireplace.

11. Painted a picture for my Mom for Mother's Day

12. Covered some old pillows

13. Made Lauren some file folder games. (I now HATE contact paper).

When said camera is found I will take pictures of my projects and of my NEW BLOND HAIR. Okay maybe it is more "wheat" colored.

Also I know that I haven't commented on blogs lately because I'm mostly too lazy to think of something clever to say, but know that I do read all of your blogs dilligently.



Today has been a stressful day in my heart. Does that make sense? That is where I feel all tension and anxiety. How does one get sisters to be nice to each other and to NOT HIT. (I am asking for ideas here).

On the way down the stairs to go to the grocery store McKenna started to go down and the stairs and then started to go back up and so I scooped her. (That is what happens when my girls aren't being good listeners or are doing naughty things). It makes Kenna pretty mad, and Lauren doesn't usually like it, but as I was going down the stairs Lauren plopped down at the top of the stairs and said "Mommy, I'm being naughty, scoop me too." I was so not going to go back up the three flights of stairs and carry both of them down the stairs. So it was a waiting game. She at the top, and I at the bottom. And do you know who won? ME!

Tomorrow we go to look at a preschool for Lauren. Wish us luck.

I think that I am going to have to do yoga everyday until these girls are 18.


It has been seven posts since I have posted a picture. There are a couple of reasons for that. First we lost our camera (if anyone has seen a little blue Cannon digital camera, it is mine and I want it back, thank you). Second I have been busy. (Not really actually, just lazy). But tonight the girls were put to bed at 6:30pm because of lack of naps and Jeff went to bed at 6:45pm so I am awake, the house is clean and I am bored. (And kind of reflective).

I want to tell about my girls. They drive me crazy and nothing makes me feel like I am losing my patience more than the two of them fighting or diddle-dawdling. And YES they fight. I feel like I am a referee all day long and I can't hardly count to twenty after leaving the room before one of them is crying.

But conversely nothing makes me happier than hearing their little giggles and sequels when the actually are playing nice.

McKenna is so easy going but at the same time has some serious personality. She has a mischievous smile that you can't help but be a little bit proud of, and a cheeser smile that can make even the most solemn person laugh. She has an arm that will guarantee her a spot as a pitcher. When that girl is done with something you had better watch out. She is playful and happy except when she is tired or sick. She is feisty and she is brave. She is a leader.

Lauren is the most observant, and specific girl I know. And I wonder if in her little world she gets scared because she is so aware of where she is and what she is. She is bossy and emotional. She can look at pictures when paired with music and just start bawling. She feels emotions stronger than most. Sadness, and happiness, love for things and hate for things. And did I mention her sense of fashion? Lauren loves songs and will frequently be singing the hokey pokey or rock-a-bye. Lauren is a good Mommy to her babies, but tough. (She once put her baby in time out on the window ledge and left her there till the next day and when I tried to move her she informed me that she was still in time out and I explained that the baby had probably learned her lesson for hitting). Lauren has an amazing memory, she talks about things that happened last summer and is a loyal friend.

I have just been thinking lately about my girls and their differences and their persons in general and wanted to write it down for my own motherly sake.


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DID IT. . .

I registered for classes in the fall. Watch out HGTV, I'm on my way.

P.S. for those of you who are not around me to hear me talk about my dreams, interior design is the goal. It is all I ever think about. I try to nap and sometimes I can't turn my brain off long enough to fall asleep. It's always designing chandeliers and couches. So in ten years when I finish school and you want some advice give me a call.




1. Won a root beer tasting contest

2. Been on a hot air balloon ride

3. Been to Target three times in one day, or was it four?

4. Only had three jobs my whole life (I don't work much)

5. Been fired from a job

6. Been given a bouquet of french fries

7. Ordered a Runza at Wendy's (I thought I was at Runza, and I couldn't figure out why they didn't have Runzas and Runza, I later realized as I was leaving the parking lot that it me who was the idiot and not the poor girl taking my order who didn't know what a runza was).

8. Eaten a whole medium pizza from Pizza Hut

9. Won a french toast eating contest (9 French Toast, no wonder I gained the "Freshman 15") (The pizza was a contest too, also my freshman year).

10. Reoccurring dreams about being able to fly and being an ice skater. (What do those mean)?

11. Watched every single episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King ever made

12. Read every book Sophie Kinsella has written

13. Tried to jump across a creek and ended up in it instead. (Luckily it was after Jeff's family pictures and not before).

14. Eaten Pate (goose liver)



I have never . . .

1. Purchased a CD

2. Ordered soup at a restaurant

3. Seen the ocean

4. Finished reading/watching Harry Potter

5. Painted my fingernails any color but pink or red. (I just look down and my toes are painted purple)

6. Made a pie crust

7. Eaten at a seafood place

8. had my eyebrows waxed

9. been inter-tubing

10. and will never want any pets


You Know You Have A Two Year Old When...

1. The toilet paper in your house is pulled all the way down to the floor.

2. You curse the garbage man for being too loud in the fear of them waking your child up.

3. Your eyeliner is more often used for kitty faces, then for lining your eyes.

4. It takes about 20 minutes to get out the door when you are already ready to go.

5. It takes 10 minutes to get out the driveway when you are already in the car.

6. You find yourself singing "This Old Man" while you are grocery shopping. . .alone.

7. You change not only your children's diapers and clothes but also those of all the dolls in your house.

8. Find yourself asking what your child's doll would like for lunch.

9. You get reprimanded and told "Oh Bugger" is a bad word.

10. You feel as those you constantly wear a black and white stripped shirt with a whistle.

11. Every step you take in the kitchen results in the crunching of cereal.

12. You eat more imaginary food than you do real food.

13. You base who you see most often on who your kid likes the most and plays with the best. (I would love to see the mall and Hobby Lobby more, but two years olds don't play nice with Hobby Lobby)

14. You have vowed never to paint your fingernails again in their presence, it is too diasterous.

15. You laugh everday of your life, and thank Heavenly Father everyday for the blessing of being a mother.

You've got to love it.


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that this wasn't on my original list, but it is something that I have never done before, something I have always wanted to do. I INHALED HELIUM. COOL RIGHT? Last night was our blue and gold banquet for cub scouts and I saw some kids doing it so I snagged a balloon from a little girl and I DID IT!!! (Sorry Mom, I know you always told us not to). I felt a little constricted in my chest after and lucky for me there was a doctor on the scene (I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to die or anything, wouldn't that tick you off if it turned out that your Mom was right)??? and he said that I was fine and wondered how I had ever made it through childhood without inhaling helium. I AM A VERY OBEDIENT CHILD.


What I would (will) buy!

1. Two armless slipper chairs. $139.99 each 15% off brings me to $238.00

2. New dishes two sets for $50.00 $288.00

3. Pots and pans. Our have gone to pot (ha ha). $40.00 $328.00

4. Platter to put on the table as decoration $16.99 add up to $344.99

5. I will need a new rug in the kitchen and a couple of matching towels. Estimated at $45.00 totals $389.99

6. Two sets of curtains; estimated at $60.00 brings me to a grand total of $449.99.

Hopefully I can find things on sale and on clearance, because I didn't even get to new towels and rugs for my bathroom, or the sofa table I wanted, or the lamps for the living room, or Easter dresses for my girls. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHH.

There had better be some good clearance and sales in the next month.


Target Gift Card

So the apartment complex where we are moving was having a special that when you leased an apartment you get a $450 gift card to Target. Well I have my ideas and that will be my next post, but what would YOU do with a $450 gift card. Leave responses here! (I bet I'll have you dreaming of Target)


Growing Up

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I couldn't end the day without an ode to my baby girl on her first birthday. We started the day off right with decorations, had a special dinner just for McKenna (Macaroni and Cheese) and finished with presents and cake. All in all, not too shabby.



2010 is the year to say "I DID IT," and so here are some things that I want to say I did in 2010. Now that I am saying these things to all of you readers out there, I might need you to motivate me to get some of them done.

1. Eat a Klondike bar. I have always heard the theme song "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" But I had no idea what they were. The other day I saw them at Target, bought them and "I DID IT."

2. Go to a concert. I have never been to a concert.

3. Write a children's book. I have some ideas, but they are just ideas.

4. Submit an article to the Ensign. I have one written, but I need to work on it a bit more.

5. Go water skiing. I am a bit afraid of the water, so this one might be tricky.

6. Run a half-marathon. I'm only half serious about this, so I won't feel too bad if I don't get to say "I did it."

7. Register for classes. I want to go back to school, and though the timing is not ideal, I know that I'll never do it if I don't do it soon.

8. Go to Arizona, or somewhere south. Just because I want to.

This is a year of firsts. So when you see a post entitled "I DID IT," you'd better check out my latest first. Yahoooo.


For the Love

Today has been a tough day to find loves so in lieu of daily loves I will post five things I love about the three people I love with all my heart!

1. I love Jeff's sensitivity to my feeling, my thoughts and dreams!

2. I love Jeff's eagerness to help anyone who needs help

3. I love Jeff's protective nature of his country roots! (Do not make fun of North Platte in front of him, or small high schools).

4. I love that when Jeff feels frustrated, he will stop and say a prayer. (This happened yesterday, so it is fresh in my mind).

5. I love that Jeff doesn't mind sleeping on six inches of mattress. I was making the bed the other day (a rarity) and noticed that my pillow was in the middle of the bed and his pillow was hanging off. It's not that I am a bed hog, I just like to sleep RIGHT NEXT to Jeff. He must have scooted over and I must have followed. If he doesn't want to fall off the bed he should scoot to the middle instead.

1. I love McKenna's big front teeth, and the smile that shows them.
2. I love that whenever McKenna wakes up, she is happy. (She gets that from me by the way).
3. I love that when she gets excited she makes really loud noises. And it seems like it is always at church.
4. I love the way she eats mac and cheese. She grabs a handful and shoves it in.
5. I love that when you give her her blanket she snuggles it and puts her fingers in her mouth.
1. I love Lauren's ability to love. When she loves something or someone, it doesn't matter if it is reciprocated or even ignored. She will just go one loving it.
2. This girl has some real spirit. When she wants something she is AVID. I usually end up weighing why I don't want her to have something, and usually decide that it is easier for me to help her get what she wants versus telling her no.
3. She is observant. Even this morning she kept asking me "Whats matter, Mommy"? I wasn't saying anything, but she could tell that I was frustrated. She notices everything.
4. She is my feelings girl and I love it. If you have hurt her feelings, she will tell you.
5. I love her way of being loved. She loves being bought things. It doesn't matter what it is. Months after I bought her her pacifiers she still says, in the cutest voice I might add, "Mommy, you buy these for me? Thaaaaank You!!!"


More Love

Well here is my list of things in the last two days that I have loved:
1. Jeff and Lauren built a snowman. It is a lovely snowman, but with a square nose (don't ask me why). It has been snowing for a couple a days and the snow was so wet and so perfect.
2. We finally found us an apartment to move into. After looking at it three different times. Sorry to anyone who comes to visit us because it is on the third floor. This will be mine and Jeff's 5th place to live in 3 years of marriage. What can I say, I get bored in one place. Which seems funny, because I lived in the same house until I was a sophomore in high school. (But I guess that was a house and not an apartment).
3. Last night Jeff and I went with some friends to see Avitar. Not really a movie that I would normally go see, but it was pretty cool and I loved the 3-D glasses. (I brought them home with me). We went to this totally chic theater/lounge place that serves you dinner while you are watching the movie. (Just a note: If you are going to eat dinner while watching a movie, it might be better if it wasn't a 3-D movie. Watching it was making me a little nauseous, not good when you have food in front of you that you are trying to it. It was fun because that place is multi-level and it was packed. There is just something more fun when the theater is full, than when you are the only person watching it.
4. The theater was downtown. And believe it or not, I have lived here for two years and this is only the second time I have been downtown. Totally lame. It is where all the cool people hang out. Well I guess that answers the question that I am not hip.
5. I made some really great strawberry trifle on Friday night. Totally my favorite dessert.
6. Also for dinner on Friday Jeff and I waited to put the girls to bed until we made dinner. I was fun to cook together and have a quiet, non-messy dinner.
7. I took McKenna to the doctor on Friday per Jeff's request because she has had a high fever, only to be told that there is nothing wrong, except a cold. I called Jeff after and told him that I am never going to the doctor when he tells me to. Anytime that I have taken them in they have actually had something wrong with them that could be fixed. Score one for Dr. Mom.
8. Only one week till Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Loves of Yesterday

Some things I loved about yesterday:
1. Stick Shifts. I love to drive them. (After our car broke down we were in a bit of a pinch and Melanie said we could borrow her car for the day). I drove a stick shift after high school and it just reminded me of how much fun they are to drive.
2. New car smell. Since it will be a while until Jeff and I purchase a new car perhaps I should buy a new car air freshener.
3. McKenna woke up at about 10:30pm last night so I brought her into our room to let her play for a bit, and it was so much fun. Jeff and I never get to spend time with just McKenna. She was also smiling so big and she would crinkle up her nose so that you could see her two big front teeth.
4. Jeff rocked her to sleep when she wouldn't go to sleep at 11:00pm.
5. The hole in Melanie's ceiling got fixed yesterday.
6. Lauren fell asleep last night with her only her head and her arms on the bed. It was really funny, and also very progressive for my floor-sleeping girl. We have been telling her that the "Bed Fairy" would come and put money under her pillow if she fell asleep on her bed. Now she wakes up and says "the bed fairy put monies under my pillow?"
We'll see what kind of things I will love today!


Things I love

I absolutely love Valentine's Day. Now some of you may think that this is because I have such an amazing husband who does lovely things, but in fact as a married couple we have had pretty much flops for Valentine's Day.
I have always loved Valentine's Day and to get into the spirit of things I will post some of the things that I loved about today and yesterday!
1. Lindor truffles (if you have never had them you have never had chocolate)
2. I love this dress: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-437-carousel.aspx (and pretty much every dress on this website)
3. The target dollar aisle (enough said, right)?
4. Our car broke down yesterday and when I was explaining to Lauren that the man was going to hook it up to his truck and take it somewhere to be fixed Lauren said "our car broke? We put tape on it!!!"
5. French dip sandwiches for dinner (Thanks Natalie for introducing me; I am totally hooked)
6. I love our new Community Center where we will be spending every second at from now on.
7. I love that in a 1/100,000,000 chance my girls slept till 8:30am. Yahoooooo.
8. Cinnamon french puff things (thanks Kim, sorry I can't remember the name)!!! They were super-good.
I hope all of you will think about the things and people that we love this Valentine season. And yes it is a season to me!!



Me: Lauren do you want to be potty trained and be a big girl and go peeps and poops in the potty?

Lauren: I want to be a train!!!

Me: (Confused) You want to be a train??????

Lauren: I DO!!!!!!!!! I DO WANT TO BE A TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we have watched too much Thomas around these parts.



Yesterday I reached my weight loss goal of seven pounds. Hooray. I guess that is the only benefit of the stomach flu:) Think I'll keep it off????? We are all feeling a little down the last couple of days and today we all napped at 10:00am. We have been filling our daytime hours with Thomas and Maisy and filling our nights with HGTV.

Needless to say we are ready to feel better and get off our couch potato buns. (Even though mine is so slim now). ha ha.

Many blessing to Jeff for staying well and staying home from class and studying to take care of us.

Also blessings to Natalie for watching Lauren whilst I was sick, only for Lauren to get sick at her house.


"Silly Gurl"

Lauren has been saying some really funny things and I wanted to write them down so I would have them.

Conversation #1 -today

Lauren: Mommy you vacuumed your room?

Me: Yep. I vacuumed your room too, doesn't it look so much better clean?

Lauren: Uhh? (A look a disgust on her face) Stepnie, no don't vacuum my room. . . I like it dirty.

Conversation #2 -Yesterday

Lauren: Mommy whats you got? (I popped a zit and had a little piece of toilet paper on it)

Toilet paper?? ha ha Silly! Toilet papers for yours bum.

Conversation # 3 - a while ago

We were at the mall and I was putting Lauren into her stroller and was tightening the straps when my hand slipped and bonked her in the nose.

Me: Oh, Lauren I'm so sorry, are you okay.

Lauren: Daddy going to be a DoCtor?? He get me a band-aid.



So I got my haircut on Saturday and this is my new punk hair-do. I am not so sure it is me, but I guess I will rock it as best I can. Peace Out.


I know, I know

I realize that it has been forever since I have last blogged, and many thanks to those of you that have pointed this fact out. It somehow makes me feel loved and slightly pestered.

Let me first explain the reason for my absence, and it is a good reason. I have become an HGTV junkie. (I know that there are plenty of other people who can sympathize with me). Melanie I love your home but it will be much healthier when I am forcefully removed from the satellite. When I was bored I used to just jump on the computer for some blogging, but laying down on the couch and vegging is so much easier. Thus the reason for my lack of blogging.
Our Christmas was wonderful and having Jeff here with us was such a treat. We all miss him, but we express it in different ways. For Lauren she called him on Monday morning when she discovered that he was back at school and started crying when she said "I miss you daddy." Or when he tried to lay her down that night she clung to his neck and said "Hold you daddy, Sleep here on MY pillow." So Jeff ended up sleeping on her floor just to reassure her that he did indeed love her and would play with her when he got home the next day. For me, I just feel lonely without him around during the day and being snowed in doesn't help matters. McKenna misses having me all to herself. When daddy is around Lauren clings to him which opens me up for McKenna.
So here are a few pictures of our holidays and some other random favorite photos.

This is our lovely table spread for our Christmas Eve dinner. Take notice of the ice candle holders. Super cool (thanks HGTV), but melted before we even started dinner. Perhaps in an Arctic climate it would have been better.

Here is McKenna opening her present from Santa. This little lady has her top two teeth and her bottom two teeth and she grinds them together. Before I couldn't hear it before because her teeth weren't out all the way but she must have been able to feel it because she would stick her bottom jaw out a lot, and I just figured her teeth were bothering her, but now I can hear it and it is kind of sickening.

This is just one of my favorite pictures of Lauren. She has really blossomed in her abilities to do everything. I am trying to find an art class for her and she loves to do anything artistic.

My birthday was on the 27th and I turned 24. Jeff and my Mom teamed up to make me eclairs. Don't they look beautiful, and they were delicious. Here is the proof . . .

For my birthday Jeff tackled the feat of buying me clothes. This was the first timed he attempted to buy me clothes and I think he did a great job. The pumps, the shirt, necklace and tank top were all of his choosing. I do have a question for you fashionistas: What is the proper bunch necessary for wearing skinny jeans with heels. I usually just wear boots over them but know that I have heels I need to know. I personally think that the lack of bunch makes these too short.

Probably the highlight of our vacation was taking part in the making of a guest room in my parents basement. They were kind enough to listen to my input because they know I love this stuff, and I have nothing to decorate. This room had a lamp, desk and the couch in it before. Then in two days the walls were painted, a headboard was cut and covered. We brought down the bed from upstairs (My Dad and Jeff). A curtain rod and curtains were put up. Pillows were made, the couch got slipcoverd, vinyl was cut and put up (don't say anything about the "levelness" of it, or that the 's' isn't cut out because trying to get it straight about killed me and the 's' just didn't cut out)

This is the wall opposite the bed. Look at those pillows. I made them. Well not the green one, we bought that one. It was so much fun. Now all I need is a house and some money and I can play designer a my house.

I know that her eyes are closed, but this picture just makes me Laugh.

I'm posting this one because I think that I look good in it, and those kind of pictures are so few and far between, right????

Here are my two Oreo lovers. Got Milk?????

Jeff brought me down my toothbrush so we could stay on schedule and I've left in my mouth for like five minutes and I think that the toothpaste has burned off my taste buds so, I guess I need to go spit. Hope everyone is having a lovely and encouraging start to their new year.