Apartment Living

It has been two months since we have moved to our apartment. I realized this the other day and asked Jeff if he could believe that is has only been two months since we moved? He said no. Let me clarify that confusing conversation; I can't believe its only been two months. I feel like we have been here forever. Perhaps we are just super quick adapters. And perhaps super quick get bored-ers as well. Which is perhaps why we don't mind moving (or should I say "I").

I would post pictures of our apartment ,which is in my opinion lovely, but our camera is still lost. (Would you people get busy and start looking for it; it is a Cannon and it is blue and small and filled with pictures of us). I have been keeping myself busy with projects. Here is a list of projects that I have done since moving in.

1. Buying and painting a hutch for my kitchen.

2. Covering my stools in giraffe print material

3. dragging a stick up to my apartment.

4. Spray painting a pot for said stick

5. Spray painted some old pictures frames and mats.

6. Spray painted some jars for my kitchen

7. Spray painted a vase (does it sound like I'm addicted to spray paint)?

8. Made a headboard (still in progress, someday I will find nail head trim).

9. Painted a picture for above my fireplace

10. Ruined said picture above my fireplace.

11. Painted a picture for my Mom for Mother's Day

12. Covered some old pillows

13. Made Lauren some file folder games. (I now HATE contact paper).

When said camera is found I will take pictures of my projects and of my NEW BLOND HAIR. Okay maybe it is more "wheat" colored.

Also I know that I haven't commented on blogs lately because I'm mostly too lazy to think of something clever to say, but know that I do read all of your blogs dilligently.



Today has been a stressful day in my heart. Does that make sense? That is where I feel all tension and anxiety. How does one get sisters to be nice to each other and to NOT HIT. (I am asking for ideas here).

On the way down the stairs to go to the grocery store McKenna started to go down and the stairs and then started to go back up and so I scooped her. (That is what happens when my girls aren't being good listeners or are doing naughty things). It makes Kenna pretty mad, and Lauren doesn't usually like it, but as I was going down the stairs Lauren plopped down at the top of the stairs and said "Mommy, I'm being naughty, scoop me too." I was so not going to go back up the three flights of stairs and carry both of them down the stairs. So it was a waiting game. She at the top, and I at the bottom. And do you know who won? ME!

Tomorrow we go to look at a preschool for Lauren. Wish us luck.

I think that I am going to have to do yoga everyday until these girls are 18.