The other morning Lauren woke up pretty hoarse. I said:

"Lauren your throat sounds like it's a little sore. Does is hurt?"

Lauren- "No. My words are just a little crumbly."

Ha Ha. So funny.



Can you believe I didn't take a single picture on Christmas? Well I can. I was busy video taping. It was a really great day starting off at 5:45 am. Yikes. My parents have 9:00 church so I just decided to get up after I fed Callum. My parents spoke at church which was lovely but it meant that Jeff and I wrestled our kids alone in a ward that was VERY QUIET.

There were some really cute things the girls said on Christmas

1. Lauren ran downstairs and looked in her stocking and saw that Santa Claus had left her some new cups and she "Cups. That's 'zactly what I always wanted." She is so easy to please.

2. Kenna and Lauren took candy canes to church to eat after the sacrament and then I notice that both of them had them unwrapped just holding them, and then a little while later they were licking them.

Me: Kenna we can't eat those till after the sacrament.
Kenna: I'm not eating it. I'm licking it.

Me: Lauren we can't eat those yet.
Lauren: But they are so yummers. With the cutest little look on her face.

It was a long Christmas day that didn't end until 11 or so. I got it in my head to do a 12 days of Christmas Christmas dinner and it was really fun. I made up some menus, and served the courses. We started appetizers at about 2 and dinner was at 6 and I think dessert was at 9:30 or 10. It was fun and I'm glad my family went along with it. (They all think I have crazy ideas and are sometime leery to let me do what I want to do).
Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I woke up to Lauren telling me happy birthday. It is really fun having kids to spend a birthday with. I asked Lauren how old she thought I was (probably a mistake) and she said 42. Hmmm. Sometimes I feel 42. I noticed 5 or 6 grey hairs on Monday.

Jeff made me breakfast and gave me my present (a really nice insulated picnic basket). Then my Mom took me to lunch and then we all went roller skating. I have been wanting to take the girls roller skating for awhile but the logistics had never quite worked out, but my Mom came and watched Callum and my Dad actually skated. The girls did really well. Kenna seemed to like it a little better then Lauren (she was enthralled with the arcade games though). Lauren liked to hang onto your hand and then drop and slide her skates around making both of us almost fall. And we spent a lot of our time under the disco ball watching the circles on the ground, and that made me totally nauseous.

We had dinner and ice cream cake with my parents and my sister and her husband, then Jeff took me to see New Year's Eve. It was a really great day.


A little note about Laundry

This may seem like a funny post but laundry has been on my mNumbered Listind lately. McKenna has been potty training. She went two weeks without an accident, but now we seem to be regressing and have about two accidents a day. The only benefit to this is that I get a load of laundry done everyday washing the clothes she had accidents in.

My girls get dressed in the morning for our "outings" and then when we get home the first thing they do is strip down to their underwears. Why is that? Is that normal? Should I be concerned? So if you come to my house you will find discarded clothes in the living room, the bathroom, hallways. We go through a lot of clothes in our house. And since my girls only wear their clothes for a few hours do they go back in their drawers or in the dirty clothes? Hmmm?


I have a spouse

During the fourth year of medical school the students get one month of vacation and Jeff started his month right before Thanksgiving. It has been lots of fun having him home. We've been able to paint Christmas ornaments, get our Christmas shopping done (together), had a little Christmas party at our house, went to see the animals at the zoo open their Christmas presents, and watch tons of movies together. I wish Jeff never had to go to school or to work.

On Friday night we had a double date to see a Junie B. Jones Christmas play. Jeff took the girls and Callum took me. Of course we car pooled. Basically it was a family outing but the girls thought it was more fun to call it a date.

Last night was our ward Christmas party and McKenna asked Santa for a puppy. I have no idea where that came from. She has never asked for a puppy before and she certainly isn't going to get a real one if Santa knows what's good for him. The other morning Lauren woke up and ran into our room and said "Did Santa Come?????" It was really cute and it is really fun to see the wonder and magic of Christmas come to life again. It almost feels like I am a kid again.



I was just at the mall to pick up Jeff's third wedding ring in five years. (If all I have to do to get a bigger ring is to lose it, then sign me up). Anyway back to the point. I used to work at the mall. I was there almost everyday for years. And now, I go maybe three or four times a year. There are so many stores and so much in each store, Yikes. I was so overwhelmed and I wasn't even looking for anything, I was just picking up a ring. In and out in ten minutes.

I'm afraid I might turn into a "What Not To Wear" case simply on the basis that I will get too exhausted at all the possibilities and options that shopping at the mall presents. I'm tired just thinking about it. You know what I mean?


Things I've Learned

Jeff and I just got home from doing three interviews. University of Utah on Monday, University of Wisconsin on Wednesday and Mayo Clinic on Friday. Here are things I learned.

1. I am a little claustrophobic in the last row and next to the window of an airplane.

2. Having a stroller and a baby gets you on the airplane first, but you also get off last.

3. Just because the word Grand is in the name of the hotel doesn't necessarily mean that the hotel IS grand. And in our case, far from.

4. The water in Madison Wisconsin is disgusting.

5. I was not meant to be a traveler. I kept getting confused about which state I was in and which one I had come from.

6. It is a good thing that I don't rely on public transportation. Jeff and I rode the trax in SLC and it took me like ten minutes to figure out the map and which train to get on.

7. My scarf got stolen on the airplane. That's not something I learned, just a side note.

8. You apparently have to either ski or mountain bike to fit in in SLC.

9. I really should have bought those pacifier wipes before we went on our trip. Callum's poor pacifier was on so many airport floors, airplane floors, hotel floors, restaurant floors. YUCK. Let's just say his immune system got a little tougher.

10. Car rentals are really REALLY expensive. Hence the reason we only got a car for one day to drive from Madison to Rochester.

Well that's all that I learned on this trip. We'll see what I learn when we go to Nashville in January.



Really creative title right? I'm a little short on imagination and motivation so...yeah. This is mostly just a picture post of the things we did in October.

Here is a wreath that I made for fall. I got motivated when I went to Hobby Lobby and the wreath I liked was 4o bucks. NO WAY was I or will I ever pay that much for a wreath. This beauty was only three dollars and five hot glue burns. The picture isn't great, but I love it and feel a deep sense of pride every time I look at it. Pathetic I know.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

It was a perfect day and we all had such a fun time.

Here is my little man already six weeks old. We love him.


Ahhh. My little Toy Story family. I was trying to think of a family costume theme and it just hit me. You know when Mr. and Mrs. Potato head adopt the three aliens that came from the Pizza Planet. Here we are. I even got the girls to walk around saying "you have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful," well their version of that statement anyway. I made the costumes without patterns. I was totally stressed out, but they got done.

My girls cheating and holding the string to eat their donuts. Hmmm. I wonder where they learned that trick. (From me. I love this tradition of eating donuts from a string, but I always cheat too).


GoodWill Finds

We were recently in North Platte and I love the Goodwill there. It is so disorganized and everything is so cheap. (Not that I love disorganization, but if it keeps the prices low, then sign me up. I don't mind rummaging. That's half the fun right. Thrill of the hunt and all).

I found a bag of these for $2.00!!! I loved these things growing up. (Do you see the babies in the background? They are in timeout for not listening. She put them there after she bashed them against the toy box. I would have put them in timeout for hitting, but whatever).

Two of these are Littlest Pet Shoppe toys and one is a My Little Pony toy. Each one was 50 cents and dug out of a bin of random toys.

Okay these were a little more expensive, but come on look at them. Adorable right???? Callum will be able to wear them in approximately two years.

Ahhh. I love a good deal. Don't you??????????


My Handsome Boy

Here are some long awaited pictures of Callum. My friend Sherrie from SherriJay Photography (http://www.picturethepossibilites.blogspot.com/) kindly took these pictures for us. I think they turned out lovely. Here are just a couple of my favorites. Enjoy.

(I love love love this picture)


"You Know What Makes Me Sick"

"You know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so angry" I could just kick a trash can and spill everything out of it and just leave the contents rotting on the ground for days and days?

(Have you heard of Earl Pitts Uhmerikun? This is how he starts his daily commentary).

Well the things that make me angry aren't political they are these as follows:

1. When I can't figure out what a vanity plate says. You know how they leave out some of the letters?

2. Craft blogs. They give me so many ideas and then I get a "project list" that is far beyond the realm of possibilities to accomplish, and then I get so overwhelmed that I don't do any of them. SO FRUSTRATING AND DISCOURAGING.

3. When people don't know how to use 4-way stops. The other car gets there first so you wait for them to go and then they wave for you to go. DON'T YOU KNOW, YOU WERE HERE FIRST. PAY ATTENTION. (Jeff just thinks they are being nice, but he does this too, and I know its because he isn't paying attention).

4. Getting speeding tickets. I have only gotten one, but it seriously ruined my whole week.

5. Proactiv. They are such scammers.

6. When the first stitch you make on the sewing machine the tread comes out of the needle. AHHHH.

7. Thinking that you kids are all peacefully asleep only the find out that they aren't.

8. Pretty much I get angry when someone doesn't give me what I want. (I admit it: I have a bit of the youngest child syndrome, but really who doesn't)????

9. Not being able to understand the lyrics of a song. I always think that I'll come home and look up the words on the internet and I never do. Why can't you just annunciate people?

And Earl Pitts always ends his rants like this. "I'm Earl Pitts. Uhmerikun. PITTS OFF."



So I think the person who needs the most adjusting to life after having baby number three is me. Perhaps I should have know this or at least entertained the idea, but I didn't. There has only been one really bad day when the girls didn't nap and we were trying to get ready to go to Lincoln and Jeff was having a guys night and I would be putting the girls and Callum to bed on my own. My emotional energy was drained and then Callum didn't sleep good that night and Lauren woke up twice. (one of those times screaming and screaming for ice in her cup). Needless to say I was a wreak.

I feel like the most important thing that I can do is to have energy. How does someone get more energy. The times I yell is when I am tired. I don't want Lauren to tell me "hey, you're being mean to me" anymore. I don't want to be a mean mommy.

The other thing that has been hard to adjust to is the lack of time. I feel like someone is needing something all the time. I am constantly saying "hold on a minute," and my whole day is eating up helping the kiddos. I'm sure that is is supposed to be that way and I am sure that I will get used to it, and I'm sure it will get better (right?????)

But for now I am adjusting. Trying to be more energetic and giving than ever before.


Update On Jeff

I just wanted to update everyone on Medical School. Jeff is in his final year. He graduates in May (Hooray). And then it is residency. He has already applied to residency programs. Here is the list in case you are curious.

1. Iowa (Iowa City)
2. Oklahoma
3. University of Wisconsin
4. Colorado (Denver)
5. Oregon
6. Nebraska
7. Vanderbilt (Nashville Tennessee)
8. University of Utah
9. Northwestern (Chicago)
10. Mayo Clinic (Minnesota)
11. University of Minnesota

He has heard back and has interview set up at half of the schools. So if you are near these cities expect to get a phone call for us to come visit/stay with you during interviews.

He takes his step 2 board examines October 16th and sometime goes to L.A. for another part of the test. And something...something...and something else.

Just so you know.

McKenna at Play

I was busy making some caramel apples this morning and McKenna was happily playing. These just made me laugh.


What a Stud!!!!!!



Welcome to the Rodeo

He is here. Our little cowboy is finally here. Actually he has been here for a week and half and I am just now getting around to anouncing his birth.

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Boy, oh boy. Where is our boy???

This is where our boy is:

Yep. Still inside me. I can't believe it. My due date is on Wednesday so I shouldn't be complaining, and I'm not really, I am just in shock that I haven't gone into labor yet.

We have been keeping busy. Lauren started preschool this last week and was so excited about starting that she ate breakfast with her backpack on. I have a little problem though. I started this new routine that we pick out Lauren's clothes the night before preschool and before she comes out of her room in the morning she gets dressed. The only problem is that she eats breakfast after she gets dressed and spills on herself. Hence the spot on her skirt. What is the best way?

We had a rainy Saturday and we decided that it would be great fun to jump in puddles. And Jeff showed the girls what a pro he is on roller skates.


I'm ready

So I am ready to have this baby. We finally got the room all put together and that was about the only thing keeping this baby in. Poor Jeff was on call, so he was up all day and all night and when he got home I made him finish the crib and toddler bed. I let him take a nap and then he spent 2 1/2 hours putting the crib together. He is very nice to me. So any day now our baby can come. Here are a couple of pictures of the room.


Prep for Baby's Arrival

Oh my, oh my. Sigh. We have been so busy. We moved a week and a half ago and are working on getting all settled in before baby brother comes. The girls are really really excited and I'm a little afraid a newborn baby might be a little of a let down for them. I am 36 weeks along and feel like I still need a little time before the baby comes. Here are projects we are working on:

1. Painting baby brother's crib

2. Painting Kenna's toddler bed to match

3. Painting a changing table

4. Sewing matching crib skirts

5. Sewing matching pillows

6. Trying to unpack the last two random boxes that may never have a proper home here.

If any of you really love to paint stop by anytime.

On a side note I just wanted to write these down because I think that they are funny.

Lauren has a blister on her foot from a pair of shoes that were apparently too small and she calls it a "blizzard."

McKenna calls headbands "band-aids."


Hace Frio

I thought that I recount this conversation I had with Lauren the other day.

Lauren: I know how to say cold in Spanish

Me: Really????????

Lauren: Brrrrrrrrr.

I thought that it was hilarious.


Lake Pictures

I asked if they wanted to roast marshmallows for smores and I look over and they were just eating the marshmallows off the roaster. No cooking needed for these girls.

On the way home in their underwear.


The busiest Week Ever

Jeff is now officially a fourth year medical student. He had this last week off from school and we were planning on going somewhere fun, but as funds were limited we decided to do a 'stay'cation. Jeff's Mom took work off and came down for the week to watch the girls while Jeff and I went on dates. Here is a short list of all the things that we did this week:

Saturday Night-Jeff took his Mom to go see Shakespeare on the Green
Monday- Jeff and I wandered around Hobby Lobby.
Monday- Jeff took his Mom to lunch.
Monday- Jeff and I went to a College World Series final game. It was a perfect night to sit outside for four hours.

Tuesday: Jeff's Mom took the girls to see Cars 2. This was McKenna's first movie experience.
Tuesday: Jeff and I went on a picnic lunch at lake Zorinski. Also a perfect day to sit outside. And the best part of the picnic was that it was from Panera.
Tuesday Night: Marlene and I went and got facials while Jeff put the girls to bed. The facials were fun, but I think I prefer a massage.

Wednesday: We all went to the Zoo and we got to ride the Skyfari. It turns out that I am fairly terrified of ski lifts. Yikes.
Wednesday: Jeff and Marlene took the girls bowling.
Wednesday: Jeff and I went to Brother Sebastian's for the first time and hated it.

Thursday: I think Jeff and I went house looking on this day, but I can't really remember. We put in our 30 day notice and now have 25 days to find a place to live.
Thursday: I think that we went swimming, but also can't remember.
Thursday: Jeff had his first pack meeting (he is the new cubmaster in our ward) and he did a wonderful job.

Friday: Also can't really remember this day. But I think Jeff took Lauren swimming. Jeff's Dad came down

Saturday: Jeff and his Dad woke up early for an early tee time.
Saturday: Family bowling trip.
Saturday: Family Swimming trip.
Saturday: Date night. We went to Outback Steakhouse, and loved it.

Sunday: Church

Monday: Jeff and his Dad had a really early tee time.
Monday: Made blueberry pancakes to celebrate the fourth of July.
Monday: Jeff's parents took the girls to the park while we went and looked at apartments.
Monday: Went to Fremont lakes for dinner and swimming with friends.
Monday: Stayed up way to late to watch an awesome firework show.

Let's just say that we are ready to have a normal paced life back.

Thank You Marlene for coming and watching the girls and spending time with us. We loved it.


When Jeff Is A Doctor

So I have been working on a list of things that I will buy when Jeff actually makes money. Here is the short list.

1. A four slice toaster

2. A stainless steel trashcan. Did you know how expensive those are? YIKES.

3. A new spray bottle for our iron. Ours is broken and sometimes the bottom part falls off and water spills all over the floor. Maybe this is fresh in mind because it happened again this morning.

4. A new curling iron. Mine hasn't worked quite right since it fell into the toilet three years ago.

5. A combo VCR/DVD player. Our VCR is missing the cover plate so you don't know which button does what. My Dad saw it and asked what it was.

Jeff needs the computer so I guess that is the end of my list.


Dear Mom


This is a post just for you. It is mostly dedicated to you because you are the only one who would really be proud of my sewing accomplishments. You are also probably the only person who knows how much I hate sewing, because you are the only person who knows how much I like to take short cuts, which you taught me isn't allowed in sewing. Hence the hatred

All the seams have been pressed open and all pieces have been measured. All the threads have been clipped and I am so proud of myself.

Here is a carseat cover that I made for baby brother. I since adjusted the length because I didn't like how much it dragged on the carpet, but you get the general idea. Did you notice that I pieced two fabrics together? Pretty fancy, right?

Here is a peek at the reverse side. Also pieced. Hmm? Hmm?

This is the nursing cover that I made. It has boning in it. Oh did I mention the D rings?

Aren't you so proud of me Mom?




New Record

Today is a very important day. I have broken a record. It has been 5 days since I have been to Super Target. (applaud here).


Lost Brownie Points

Yesterday I left Jeff in the car with the girls while I ran into Goodwill, and when I came back he said, "Did you know we have beautiful girls." The rest of the conversation is as follows.

Stephanie - "I know, sometimes I look at them and think 'gosh they are so pretty'. I don't know where the get it from."

Jeff- "Yeah, I don't know either."

I just kind of looked at him and he totally realized that he should have said that they got their looks from me, and we both just started laughing.

Maybe you had to be there.


Bikes and Ballet

Bike safety is always important. Even in the house right?


I know everybody has been anxiously awaiting the pictures of my latest cake that I made for my brother and sister's-in-law baby open house. (ha ha) So here it is.


What a Steal

So I got sucked into a neighborhood garage sale last week and have now consequently been cut off for the rest of the month. Hopefully the high of my purchases will hold me over. However as a back up plan I have a couple of books to read from the library. The only problem is that I am such a bad mom when I get into a book. Whats a girl to do?

So this toy box and little wood princess vanity were such a steal. I got them both for 20 bucks. And the toy box is the one that you have to push the lid down so no little fingers get caught in them.

And this headboard was 15 dollars. The lady told me it was a full. But when we got next to the bed we realized that it was a queen. It did have the holes for a full so I guess we are keeping it but I was a little annoyed.

And here are some pictures of my deals in use.