Mr. Octopus

This is a much loved garage sale item that has kept Jeff and I entertained on many a night. It is fun because it is a scale, octave, octopus, it just makes perfect sense.

Lauren showing us how she plays Mr. Octopus

P.S. I was looking through old posts and Jeff is in four pictures. In three of them he is wearing a brown t-shirt that says "Pal" on it and in the fourth picture you can't see his shirt. What is funny is that he doesn't wear that shirt very often and is more often wearing shirt like in the video, in case any of you thought that Jeff was a slob.

A special Concert given by Jeff

It also is quite the fashion statement. Next step, the runway

Here is just a random photo of our day. Lauren's shoes are all in a basket and today she wanted to play with the shoes so I got the basket down, and if you look closely she put three pairs together. Lauren is our little "pairer." At Sunday dinner she grabbed my Mom's finger, and took to where my Dad was sitting. Kind of like saying you to go together, you should sit by each other. Eventually my Mom sat back down where she was sitting before and Lauren repeated her pairing. She has also done it with Josh and Deanne. She just knows what goes together.


O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Sorry my dear blogging friends for being such a slacker in posting. I have been a little busy with my new calling of, get this, cub scouts. What is ironic is that I was talking to a lady in our ward and she had just found out that she was getting released as the den leader, and she was really sad about it. I told her that that is one calling I don't ever want to have. And it turns out that Heavenly Father has ears, and probably a sense of humor as well. Since I don't have a clue about scouts except that there is a birdhouse involved, I have been spending my spare time reading the scout manuals.
Now for Christmas tree fun; we went to this place called "Santa's Woods" in Blair and it was really cute. Santa was there and they had reindeer (back-ups in case one of Santa's gets sick or something, and believe you me that they looked like back-ups). But what I thought was so cute was upstairs in the barn. There was a man who made wood toys and was there showing them off, and a lady selling her knit sweaters and hats. There was also a lady who was hand-painting ornaments. It was like Santa's workshop up there. Needless to say it was very cold that day and we rode the tractor up to the field they dropped us off, picked out a tree and were back on the tractor in about 90 seconds to go get more hot chocolate.

At home Lauren was a great helper. She helped Jeff put the screws in the tree stand, and helped untangle the lights, sort of. She loved hanging up the ornaments. They were on the couch and she would grab one and race to the tree to put in on and then race back to get another one. So a lot of our ornaments were at the bottom of the tree where Lauren put them, but as the days go on they are mostly at the top where Lauren can't get them. I'm afraid of putting presents under the tree. Maybe I'll have to triple wrap them.