I just want to entertain you with a few of Lauren's conversations that I overheard.

Lauren: "I eat my boogers. Sometimes they are old and yuckers. And sometimes they are yum yum yummers."

(This was so funny to me, kind of disgusting, but still funny). We have been working with her on this, but every time we tell her not to, she thinks it is funnier and ends up doing it more.

Here is the second conversation

Lauren: "Lauren, do you believe in God?"

Lauren: "No."

Lauren: "NOOO???? Why not?"

Lauren: "Because he lives so far far away."


I can't believe that it has been over a month since I blogged. I have felt busy but I am not really sure what I have been up to. Here are a few things that I can think of:

1. Making a stick horse for western day at Lauren's preschool. Let's just say that it involved sewing. Shocker right?

2. Making a dress for western day. Which incidentally didn't get worn on western day.

3. Working on a magnetic board. Why is everything so much harder than it should be.

4. Christmas shopping and Christmas dreaming.

5. Family trip to Vala's pumpkin patch with Lauren's preschool.

6. Sick with G.I. flu (sorry, no pictures of that).

7. Reading lots of books.

8. Making stuffed fabric pumpkins which my sister says look like apples.

9. Refereeing two girls who always want what the other has.

10. Working on polishing off two bags of Halloween candy before Halloween.

11. Playing in the beautiful fall leaves while it is still warm.