A Message from Lauren

Laruen: "I need to blog. (While hitting random buttons) Oohhh I blogged."
Me: "Do you want to say anything else for the blog?"
Lauren: "Ummm two. I turn it on."
Me: "Do you want to talk about your day?"
Lauren: "Balls in playground Mommy. Playground. Playground Mommy. I flicked Mommy's booger. I Flicked Mommy's booger. (She picked my nose while I was typing (it was quite painful)). I bite my arm. I blogging. Mommy blogging."
Me: "What else?"
Lauren: "Battery....Bad to Bone. Bad to Bone. I need Lauren. (That means she wants to see pictures of herself on the blog) My music stuck (her CD was skipping) My musssssic stuck. My musssssssick stuck. I need to blogging. Mommy-O's shirt. I zip Mommy's jacket. (she unzipped my hoodie). Hold on, Hold on (while moving my hands while she tried to hit the power button. I throw it. I throwed the ball. (She threw a tennis ball)

I always think it is funny to listen to Lauren talk. She has a running commentary and easily gets distracted from the task at hand. When I typed out what Lauren was saying I could see how her mind transferred from one thing to the other. Even now Lauren found a pump bottle and is trying to pull my shirt down to make me pump. Ahhhhhh. This is really hard to have her climbing all over me. So goodbye from a crazy mom of a two year old.



Today we had our Stake Conference and Elder Quentin L. Cook was there. Nothing makes you feel more discouraged then having two kids at stake conference on hard chairs, with small rows, and a hardwood floor. Needless to say we spent our time out in the foyer running and stealing other kids snacks and toys. My favorite moment was when our stake president asked all the primary kids to sing "I Love to See the Temple" on the way home from conference with their parents. He then proceeded to quote the words and Lauren said "NO SING TEMPLE." Lovely.

Lauren had reverted back to 15 months old. You know when they are learning to walk and explore. Lauren has re found the joys of unrolling the toilet paper, and dumping everything on the floor. Most often her snacks which proceed to then be smooshed to oblivion. And recently she has turned into a bully. Pushing her friends and McKenna.

(Here is Lauren in her general naughtiness)

But on a happier note. We woke up to beautiful snow. It snowed probably six inches and was made all the more fun because I didn't even know it was supposed to snow. We were mesmerized and Lauren and I watched the snow for about 20 minutes. When McKenna went down for her nap Lauren and I bundled up and played for about an hour. I have never seen anybody Love the snow as much as Lauren did. After about a half hour I was cold and ready to go in, so I asked Lauren if her hands were cold and she said "No" How were her hands warm when she kept putting them in the snow.

(Our humble little snowman who after this picture did get raisins for eyes. I went out later that night and all that was there was the two raisins, the snowman ran away)

On to McKenna (Reese, for those of you whom prefer that name). I think it is safe to say that she is a crawler. She is just starting so she doesn't go far fast, but she will. She doesn't get frustrated with trying like Lauren did. Anyway she is also eating cheerios now. What a big girl so fast.

Oh just in closing. Lauren learned a new word on Friday. No word has ever brought such fear to my heart. Are you ready for this: "WHY?????"

(This is a picture of the cake for Alissa's shower. The more I look at it the less pleased I am. Over night the top layer of cake squished out the frosting in between the layers on the bottom tier so it looks lumpy. Next time I just won't put the top layer on till morning, or I'll have to put dowels in the cake to help support the weight).



I'm so sorry to all of my blogging friends and by that I mean that you are my friends on a much deeper level and in a very non-cyberspace way. I haven't really been that busy, just distracted. I blame it all on Melanie because she has satellite, which will end soon so I'm trying to soak it all in before it is gone.

Other than that I have been reading a lot. Usually 2 books every week or so.

Jeff loves to make pumpkin pie, like cut up a pumpkin and bake it in the oven kind of pie, any other way is an impostor pumpkin pie. He spent all day today making pies and they were great. What a great spouse.

I promise to post again semi-soon with pictures. I made a cake this past week for my sister's shower that I am totally proud of and will post of picture of that too.

Loves to all.