I am thankful for. . .

I couldn't let the month of November pass without writing at least in part some of the things that I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful to have had safe travels this Thanksgiving season. We did a lot of driving and on our way home today realized that we had driven 10,000 miles since our last oil change. Oops. We added a quart of oil and even then it was barely at the minimum line. Oops again.

2. I am grateful that the roofers started to work on our unit the day AFTER we left. I am not sure but I think that they are finished.

3. I am thankful that I got to meet my new sister-in-law Lissette and her daughter Sofia. They are both very sweet. Among that list of new acquaintances I got to meet my niece Charity's husband Patrick and their daughter Addison. (Yes. That is my Great-Niece).

4. I am thankful for the gospel. My sister-in-law Amy was diagnosed with leukemia the day before Thanksgiving and our family fasted for my brother and her and their family to have faith and comfort in this time of trial and heartache. I was very special for me to see my family come together and coordinate to hold a special fast for them.

5. I am thankful for the temple. This weekend my Jeff and I got to go the temple together to do an endowment session. My sister Alissa and my Dad came too. I was happy to be there to feel the spirit.

6. I am thankful for friends. Old friends and new friends. While we were in Nebraska we were able to visit with some of our friends in Omaha and after we left I realized that they felt more like family to me than just friends. Hopefully soon my new friends will feel like old friends.

7. I am grateful for my very large, very loud family. There was lots of laughs and lots of good food. (I usually am assigned the task of setting tables and napkin folding, but this year I was in the kitchen helping with food and boy was that a chaotic place to be. I think next year I will opt for table duty). I wish that more of us could have been at my parents house for Thanksgiving and be able see some of my family I haven't seen for a while.


Girl Scout Cookies

Jeff and I wanted Lauren to feel a part of something. A something that didn't cost a lot of money. A something that wasn't too time consuming. So when we heard about Lauren's school having a girl scout troop we decided to jump on board. After all, they only meet once a month and all you have to pay for is the smock and the book. SOLD.

So Lauren and I went to the first meeting where we were informed that cookie sales would start the next week. WHAT? I guess they just throw you into the deep end. So last Saturday while the weather was so nice we packed all of our cookies into our little wagon and went out as a family to sell Girl Scout cookies. It was really fun. Lauren would handle the money and Kenna would handle the cookies. They made a pretty efficient little team.

And, with that we still have a lot of Mango Creme left. Anybody want to buy any cookies from this cute little Daisy Girl Scout, and her adorable assistant?????????


BuSy BuSy

I am not even sure what to blog about first. There have been so many things happen since I last blogged.

1. Jeff's parents came to visit. We went to the zoo and the World Circus Museum. Saw a magic show and graced the Dells with our presence. We spent the night so that we could go to the indoor water parks and went down awesome water slides. I love that about Jeff's parents. When we went to Sea World with them I didn't go on any roller coasters until they did and they convinced me to. Same thing happened with the water slides.

2. Halloween

3. Post Halloween stomach flu

4. Callum's first haircut

5. Lauren joining Girl Scouts

Callum wasn't crazy about the merry-go-round

For some reason I love this polar bear. He walks with a funny waddle. 

Kenna had a field trip for her preschool while Jeff's parents were here
and Grandpa Bill came with us. Kenna got to dig up carrots. I wish I would
have gotten a picture of how muddy everyone was. It had rained for like a week
Kenna looks less than impressed, doesn't she? 
There was also a pumpkin patch at this farm and we
brought home a few. Not this one though. 

These next pictures are from the circus museum. These mirrors were hilarious.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
Another Carousel. Someone who worked at the museum offered to
turn it on for us. The kids were excited. I was less inclined as they
make me a little nauseated. And this one was a particularly rickety one.  

The museum has the largest collection of circus cars. They were
amazing. And they were from all over the world.

Jeff's Dad trying the uni-cycle

The cabin. Apparently this was the best place to sit. 

Callum hated the water park. He basically snuggled up to me
the entire time not moving. Here we are floating down the lazy river. Kenna
was too busy going down the baby slide to join us. 

This is a picture of the slide Kenna went down approximately
1,000 times. 

I'm not sure what is happening in this picture. I was home napping
with Callum, but I thought I would share it anyway. They are
exploring Goth Park. 

I forgot to mention that we went to the Capitol building and took
the tour. Lauren always had a question to ask the tour guide. 

Since it was so cold outside we went to a nursing home across the street from
our house. We did have one incident with the matching costumes when
an old lady wouldn't give Kenna a piece of candy because she
had just given her one. Kenna started crying because it was
Lauren who got the candy and not her. 

Our potato head family.

Family tradition of donuts on a string. We had a party with
some friends from our ward. I love Joe's and Jeff's postures. 
Eliza, never even touched her donut. 

Round 2. Husband/wife competition. He totally beat her. 

Kenna, I see you cheating
Before the haircut

After the haircut. I always feel that once they get their haircut
they don't look like babies anymore. 

Sick Lauren

Sick McKenna. And yes that is the hardwood floor she is asleep on.

Thanks to everyone's illness and everyone sleeping so much, I got three  books read in a week. 

 We have had a fun month of October and we are sure that November will not disappoint us either. Jeff has vacation this month over Thanksgiving so we will be going back to Nebraska. Lots of fun to look forward to.