I'm a Mom

I always wondered why moms had nothing better to talk about than their children, but I have recently discovered the answer to the that question: There is nothing better than talking about your children. I marvel at the pride I have in Lauren when she says words like "car," "go," "Jenny," "Hi," "Here," and since yesterday "mamom." Maybe it is because I taught her everything she knows, well almost. The video here shows off her animal sounds skills.


Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Those of you who know me know how much I love Scarecrow and Mrs. King. During my most recent re-viewings, I began to wonder about all the episodes that I missed or taped over. So I got online and order the set on DVD. 10-14 days. How could I wait 10-14 days for such an anticipated item of mail. To quote Billy Melrose from the show, "I couldn't sit still anymore than Amanda could." Everyday I went to the mailbox with hope in my heart only to have it crushed. Finally it came "express from China." From China? So I open them up and they are just in sleeves with handwritten numbers on them. While watching them there have been a couple of episodes with commercials in them. Like they took somebodies videotaped Scarecrow and Mrs. Kings' from when they first ran on T.V. and then transferred them on DVD. Think these are pirated??? What a bummer. I was hoping for digitally re-mastered quality, with edited scenes, and interviews with the cast. Oh well. I will still watch them and still love them.


What have we got ourselves into?

Medical School really hasn't been so bad, for me anyway, Jeff is home by 5:30 which is earlier than he has ever been home before. After Lauren goes to sleep Jeff studies again, and I'm so tired that I fall asleep at 9:30 while Jeff studies with the lights still on. Jeff is doing well so far except the fact that since he has been in Med school I suddenly have no reflexes in my knees or triceps, conductive hearing loss and hard thyroids! And it has only been three weeks. (Do think I should get a second opinion)? Lauren likes to have Jeff or I use the stethoscope on her head, her hand, and on her little ducks. To amuse Lauren while he studies Jeff will do physical examinations on her giraffe or on her baby doll. During the day I try to keep the house clean, you know it really is a lot of work, I've never tried to keep up on housework before. Whenever it got to disgusting to live in, I clean the house, or wash the dishes when there weren't anymore clean ones. My hat is off to you people with clean houses.