Shopping Frenzy

Recently I have finished reading the shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella. It is a five book series. They are hilarious and addictive. I'm not sure I can recommend them because there is swearing in them. (I'll repent later). Anyway she describes so well people's outfits and shoes in the stores that it just makes me want to go shopping. So that's I did. Gosh there are so many lovely things to own. I really am much happier when I don't know what's out there to have. But the damage is done.

I didn't really buy a lot, just a pair of shoes that I have been dreaming about for the last couple of weeks, two shirts which I needed to buy to match the shoes (those are the kind of shoes I like, ones where you have to buy an outfit to go with them. It means they make a statement). And I went to Once Upon A Child to buy summer shirts for Lauren. While I was there I found an adorable pair of skinny jeans for her. I don't know if we can pull it off, but we are going to try.

I try to be really good and not shop, but it is like this internal need. I can put it off for so long before...I just can't anymore. Then I tend to go a wee bit overboard. So I think that I have discovered a solution: buy something every couple of weeks and that should curb the appetite. I think that I will try it, and if it doesn't work the bonus is I've got a lot of new things :)


A Fun Filled Week

Last week was spring break and we had so much fun having Jeff home, everyday there was an adventure to be had. On Monday we went to the zoo with Garry, a recent convert in our ward, and he is just the sweetest man (we told him he could be Lauren's Omaha grandpa).

On Tuesday my sister Kristie flew in from Salt Lake so she and my parents dropped by to chat. We also picked up our new double stroller that we found on craigslist from Papillion. Lauren got soooo mad when we put it in the trunk, so we tested it out at the outdoor mall and ate dinner.

On Wednesday Jeff had to go to his preceptor for the day so Lauren and I had some friends over for breakfast and that was really fun. Later that night we met up with Jeff and Tasha for dinner at Valentinos, and thanks to a whole lot of mini m&ms and Jeff B doing a million magic tricks with Lauren she was mostly well behaved. :)

Thursday was story time at the library and we were so excited to have Jeff come with us. At breakfast we tried a new purple carrot juice (we might try it as a lipstick as well). We later went to Lincoln to see Kristie and everybody else.
Friday Jeff and Lauren went swimming and had a blast. And we had a little "accident" with the stars on our bed. So we have been sleeping on crumbs for a while, but a least it was fun for Lauren right?
Saturday we went to the zoo again this time with Jeff and Tasha (and again they were a really big help with Lauren. We then had a young womens dessert auction which Jeff signed me up for. (husbands, aren't they great?) It was actually really fun and the young women raised $1,900 for girls camp. Yahoooo. Jeff thinks we should do a fundraiser for his tuition, we'd only need $39,000 more. :) And after that I made Jeff watch Twilight with me because he hadn't seen it yet.

Sunday we had Kemp and Jenny down for dinner and played ticket to ride in which I got my bum kicked, ending up with the lowest score ever of 49. Yup. This is a picture of Lauren being a great big sister and sharing her doll with McKenna (actually I think the doll was there first but I took her out so I could put McKenna in the swing. Lauren got mad and put her doll back in the swing).

We are sad to let our papa dad go back to school. It has been so fun to have him home. He got up and made breakfast for us in the morning and helped out with McKenna at night. Gosh he is just the greatest. He always works sooo hard it was nice for him to have time on his hands to take a nap or read a book (both of which he did this week). Jeff we love you and are going to miss you. You are a great daddy.


A First

The other day Lauren and I had our first conversation. Other than her saying "No." It went something like this:

Lauren: Nnnnnoo, nnnooo
Me: No what, honey?
Lauren: Aaaall Goonne (all gone)
Me: What's all gone?
Lauren: Botlle (bottle)

She was looking for her baby's bottle and whenever she looks for something she always looks under the couch and under the bed (apparently she has seen us look for her pacifer more than one time) Anyway is was just really fun to carrying on a conversation with her and realize what a big girl she is.


Consumer Depression

So I went to Michaels tonight to get a couple of picture frames for Lauren's room and I knew that their frames were 50% off, so I went and found some that I liked and went up to pay for them and that particular "collection" wasn't on sale. BUMMER. It made me feel so depressed. So obviously I didn't get the frames, so I went to Walmart to see if they had any, but they didn't have any cute white frames so I wandered around looking for something to buy. Is it crazy that spending money makes me feel happy (much to Jeff's dismay)?

I wanted to buy something, but everything that I wanted was sooo expensive, or I didn't really need it, so I didn't buy anything. Well that's not true, I did buy a power cord. Exciting Huh? I came home feeling so depressed and asked Jeff how many more years it was until we'll have an income. :)
I would eat some ice cream but I've already had some already today. Our neighbor brought down brownies and I have already most of them, and it is too late to start a movie, oh well I guess I'll just sleep off my consumer depression.

Marni, I miss the garage where everything is "$Free.99"