The other morning Lauren woke up pretty hoarse. I said:

"Lauren your throat sounds like it's a little sore. Does is hurt?"

Lauren- "No. My words are just a little crumbly."

Ha Ha. So funny.



Can you believe I didn't take a single picture on Christmas? Well I can. I was busy video taping. It was a really great day starting off at 5:45 am. Yikes. My parents have 9:00 church so I just decided to get up after I fed Callum. My parents spoke at church which was lovely but it meant that Jeff and I wrestled our kids alone in a ward that was VERY QUIET.

There were some really cute things the girls said on Christmas

1. Lauren ran downstairs and looked in her stocking and saw that Santa Claus had left her some new cups and she "Cups. That's 'zactly what I always wanted." She is so easy to please.

2. Kenna and Lauren took candy canes to church to eat after the sacrament and then I notice that both of them had them unwrapped just holding them, and then a little while later they were licking them.

Me: Kenna we can't eat those till after the sacrament.
Kenna: I'm not eating it. I'm licking it.

Me: Lauren we can't eat those yet.
Lauren: But they are so yummers. With the cutest little look on her face.

It was a long Christmas day that didn't end until 11 or so. I got it in my head to do a 12 days of Christmas Christmas dinner and it was really fun. I made up some menus, and served the courses. We started appetizers at about 2 and dinner was at 6 and I think dessert was at 9:30 or 10. It was fun and I'm glad my family went along with it. (They all think I have crazy ideas and are sometime leery to let me do what I want to do).
Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I woke up to Lauren telling me happy birthday. It is really fun having kids to spend a birthday with. I asked Lauren how old she thought I was (probably a mistake) and she said 42. Hmmm. Sometimes I feel 42. I noticed 5 or 6 grey hairs on Monday.

Jeff made me breakfast and gave me my present (a really nice insulated picnic basket). Then my Mom took me to lunch and then we all went roller skating. I have been wanting to take the girls roller skating for awhile but the logistics had never quite worked out, but my Mom came and watched Callum and my Dad actually skated. The girls did really well. Kenna seemed to like it a little better then Lauren (she was enthralled with the arcade games though). Lauren liked to hang onto your hand and then drop and slide her skates around making both of us almost fall. And we spent a lot of our time under the disco ball watching the circles on the ground, and that made me totally nauseous.

We had dinner and ice cream cake with my parents and my sister and her husband, then Jeff took me to see New Year's Eve. It was a really great day.


A little note about Laundry

This may seem like a funny post but laundry has been on my mNumbered Listind lately. McKenna has been potty training. She went two weeks without an accident, but now we seem to be regressing and have about two accidents a day. The only benefit to this is that I get a load of laundry done everyday washing the clothes she had accidents in.

My girls get dressed in the morning for our "outings" and then when we get home the first thing they do is strip down to their underwears. Why is that? Is that normal? Should I be concerned? So if you come to my house you will find discarded clothes in the living room, the bathroom, hallways. We go through a lot of clothes in our house. And since my girls only wear their clothes for a few hours do they go back in their drawers or in the dirty clothes? Hmmm?


I have a spouse

During the fourth year of medical school the students get one month of vacation and Jeff started his month right before Thanksgiving. It has been lots of fun having him home. We've been able to paint Christmas ornaments, get our Christmas shopping done (together), had a little Christmas party at our house, went to see the animals at the zoo open their Christmas presents, and watch tons of movies together. I wish Jeff never had to go to school or to work.

On Friday night we had a double date to see a Junie B. Jones Christmas play. Jeff took the girls and Callum took me. Of course we car pooled. Basically it was a family outing but the girls thought it was more fun to call it a date.

Last night was our ward Christmas party and McKenna asked Santa for a puppy. I have no idea where that came from. She has never asked for a puppy before and she certainly isn't going to get a real one if Santa knows what's good for him. The other morning Lauren woke up and ran into our room and said "Did Santa Come?????" It was really cute and it is really fun to see the wonder and magic of Christmas come to life again. It almost feels like I am a kid again.



I was just at the mall to pick up Jeff's third wedding ring in five years. (If all I have to do to get a bigger ring is to lose it, then sign me up). Anyway back to the point. I used to work at the mall. I was there almost everyday for years. And now, I go maybe three or four times a year. There are so many stores and so much in each store, Yikes. I was so overwhelmed and I wasn't even looking for anything, I was just picking up a ring. In and out in ten minutes.

I'm afraid I might turn into a "What Not To Wear" case simply on the basis that I will get too exhausted at all the possibilities and options that shopping at the mall presents. I'm tired just thinking about it. You know what I mean?