Hace Frio

I thought that I recount this conversation I had with Lauren the other day.

Lauren: I know how to say cold in Spanish

Me: Really????????

Lauren: Brrrrrrrrr.

I thought that it was hilarious.


Lake Pictures

I asked if they wanted to roast marshmallows for smores and I look over and they were just eating the marshmallows off the roaster. No cooking needed for these girls.

On the way home in their underwear.


The busiest Week Ever

Jeff is now officially a fourth year medical student. He had this last week off from school and we were planning on going somewhere fun, but as funds were limited we decided to do a 'stay'cation. Jeff's Mom took work off and came down for the week to watch the girls while Jeff and I went on dates. Here is a short list of all the things that we did this week:

Saturday Night-Jeff took his Mom to go see Shakespeare on the Green
Monday- Jeff and I wandered around Hobby Lobby.
Monday- Jeff took his Mom to lunch.
Monday- Jeff and I went to a College World Series final game. It was a perfect night to sit outside for four hours.

Tuesday: Jeff's Mom took the girls to see Cars 2. This was McKenna's first movie experience.
Tuesday: Jeff and I went on a picnic lunch at lake Zorinski. Also a perfect day to sit outside. And the best part of the picnic was that it was from Panera.
Tuesday Night: Marlene and I went and got facials while Jeff put the girls to bed. The facials were fun, but I think I prefer a massage.

Wednesday: We all went to the Zoo and we got to ride the Skyfari. It turns out that I am fairly terrified of ski lifts. Yikes.
Wednesday: Jeff and Marlene took the girls bowling.
Wednesday: Jeff and I went to Brother Sebastian's for the first time and hated it.

Thursday: I think Jeff and I went house looking on this day, but I can't really remember. We put in our 30 day notice and now have 25 days to find a place to live.
Thursday: I think that we went swimming, but also can't remember.
Thursday: Jeff had his first pack meeting (he is the new cubmaster in our ward) and he did a wonderful job.

Friday: Also can't really remember this day. But I think Jeff took Lauren swimming. Jeff's Dad came down

Saturday: Jeff and his Dad woke up early for an early tee time.
Saturday: Family bowling trip.
Saturday: Family Swimming trip.
Saturday: Date night. We went to Outback Steakhouse, and loved it.

Sunday: Church

Monday: Jeff and his Dad had a really early tee time.
Monday: Made blueberry pancakes to celebrate the fourth of July.
Monday: Jeff's parents took the girls to the park while we went and looked at apartments.
Monday: Went to Fremont lakes for dinner and swimming with friends.
Monday: Stayed up way to late to watch an awesome firework show.

Let's just say that we are ready to have a normal paced life back.

Thank You Marlene for coming and watching the girls and spending time with us. We loved it.


When Jeff Is A Doctor

So I have been working on a list of things that I will buy when Jeff actually makes money. Here is the short list.

1. A four slice toaster

2. A stainless steel trashcan. Did you know how expensive those are? YIKES.

3. A new spray bottle for our iron. Ours is broken and sometimes the bottom part falls off and water spills all over the floor. Maybe this is fresh in mind because it happened again this morning.

4. A new curling iron. Mine hasn't worked quite right since it fell into the toilet three years ago.

5. A combo VCR/DVD player. Our VCR is missing the cover plate so you don't know which button does what. My Dad saw it and asked what it was.

Jeff needs the computer so I guess that is the end of my list.


Dear Mom


This is a post just for you. It is mostly dedicated to you because you are the only one who would really be proud of my sewing accomplishments. You are also probably the only person who knows how much I hate sewing, because you are the only person who knows how much I like to take short cuts, which you taught me isn't allowed in sewing. Hence the hatred

All the seams have been pressed open and all pieces have been measured. All the threads have been clipped and I am so proud of myself.

Here is a carseat cover that I made for baby brother. I since adjusted the length because I didn't like how much it dragged on the carpet, but you get the general idea. Did you notice that I pieced two fabrics together? Pretty fancy, right?

Here is a peek at the reverse side. Also pieced. Hmm? Hmm?

This is the nursing cover that I made. It has boning in it. Oh did I mention the D rings?

Aren't you so proud of me Mom?