I made this cake for my really good friend's baby shower. It took me all week, but since it is something that I love to do, it doesn't bother me at all. (But I do have to say just one or two cakes in a year is enough, and if I did more than that I probably wouldn't love it).

The cake isn't perfect by any means but it is the best one that I have done. I made my own fondant this time and it was much easier to work with and so much softer. I can't comment on the taste because I didn't taste it, and haven't tasted store bought fondant either. (Oh and I didn't make any of those other tasty goodies. That was all Melanie).


Out of the Mouth of Babes

I had to post this conversation that I had with Lauren just now.

Me: I love you babe.

Lauren: I don't love you.

Me: Really???

Lauren: I love just my Daddy. I love for you to go to cub scouts.


Our Home (basically pictures of our apartment)

Okay for some reason blogger has been really weird for me. I know that one time I had pictures up of our apartment, but the post is gone. So here is round two of our apartment. Sorry if you have already either seen these pictures, or been to our apartment and know what it looks like. Also for those of you who are interested I decided not to go back to school right now. I AM SO RELIEVED. I just thought that I would need a lot of support and Jeff needs support too. I guess I'll wait until I am a more motivated person or until Jeff isn't busy. (I'm not really sure which one will come first).

(The painting above the fireplace is one that I painted. I know it doesn't look like much and it really isn't much, but it does look better in person). This last weekend I took a class from a "Certified Bob Ross Instructor" at Hobby Lobby. It started a 9:30am and went until 3:30pm. It was long and I had a sore neck and shoulders for the next couple of days, but I do now have a painting in my kitchen of a "happy, dead tree." I think that must be my theme.

It's pretty self-explanatory as to which room is which. And sorry about the tree being in the picture again. I know I already posted about it, but I do really love it.


Things I want to Do

The weather the last two days has been hinting at fall. I love fall the very best out of all the seasons. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to....

1. Clean out my car and take it to a car wash

2. Go buy cool jackets. (I love layering)

3. Go buy boots (I love boots)

4. Make pumpkin chocolate chip bread

5. Go through boxes and toys and re-organize

6. Go on a picnic

7. Kidnap Jeff from school and go do something fun

8. Sit outside and just take deep breaths.

9. Make casseroles and warm food

10. Buy a backpack and other school supplies.

MMMMMM.......I love fall