Lauren's Language

I was just thinking of all of the adorable things Lauren says and the words that only we know. My Mom told me to write them down or I would forget, so here goes:

Lauren's Words Translation

E-E= Blanket

Pa-a =Pacifier

Pa-Ha = Grandpa

Buckle-lo = buckle it

Cow Milk= Chocolate Milk

Daddy-O =Dad

Tiss = Kiss

Trey Diper = A pampers diaper vs. a huggies diaper (beacuse this is what kind Trey wears)

Shut Door = Anything that involves closing (like McKenna's eyelids, or the hymn book)

baaank = she wants to play with the piggy bank

La La's car= Basically any car

Ringer = Ring around the Rosies

Awake = She's not going back to sleep (even if it is a one in the morning. I had the unfortunate experience of asking if she was awake when had woken up crying at said time, and she hopped up and said "AWAKE")

Oh No, Oh NO = You don't have your seatbelt on. (I have never taught her this, but every once in a while when I start to back up without my seatbelt on first she will notice).

Hold You/ Hold Mommy = "I want you to hold me"

Dono= Donut

Tinna= McKenna

Lauren really is a sweet girl with a very logical, imaginative mind. It is so fun to see her reason and place concepts together.



Hey everybody; Jeff has started his own blog. It is listed here on the side as Jeff's science blog. They are experiments that he has been doing with Lauren over the summer. Also it is his big money making idea since we are income-less, because he put the "ads by google" sooo if you feel so inclined give it a click.

P.S. I'll update soon. It isn't because I have nothing to blog about, it is because I have so much to blog about. Since our last post we have taken 80 pictures. Sometime I''ll get on the ball. Hope this finds everyone well and happy.