GoodWill Finds

We were recently in North Platte and I love the Goodwill there. It is so disorganized and everything is so cheap. (Not that I love disorganization, but if it keeps the prices low, then sign me up. I don't mind rummaging. That's half the fun right. Thrill of the hunt and all).

I found a bag of these for $2.00!!! I loved these things growing up. (Do you see the babies in the background? They are in timeout for not listening. She put them there after she bashed them against the toy box. I would have put them in timeout for hitting, but whatever).

Two of these are Littlest Pet Shoppe toys and one is a My Little Pony toy. Each one was 50 cents and dug out of a bin of random toys.

Okay these were a little more expensive, but come on look at them. Adorable right???? Callum will be able to wear them in approximately two years.

Ahhh. I love a good deal. Don't you??????????


My Handsome Boy

Here are some long awaited pictures of Callum. My friend Sherrie from SherriJay Photography (http://www.picturethepossibilites.blogspot.com/) kindly took these pictures for us. I think they turned out lovely. Here are just a couple of my favorites. Enjoy.

(I love love love this picture)


"You Know What Makes Me Sick"

"You know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so angry" I could just kick a trash can and spill everything out of it and just leave the contents rotting on the ground for days and days?

(Have you heard of Earl Pitts Uhmerikun? This is how he starts his daily commentary).

Well the things that make me angry aren't political they are these as follows:

1. When I can't figure out what a vanity plate says. You know how they leave out some of the letters?

2. Craft blogs. They give me so many ideas and then I get a "project list" that is far beyond the realm of possibilities to accomplish, and then I get so overwhelmed that I don't do any of them. SO FRUSTRATING AND DISCOURAGING.

3. When people don't know how to use 4-way stops. The other car gets there first so you wait for them to go and then they wave for you to go. DON'T YOU KNOW, YOU WERE HERE FIRST. PAY ATTENTION. (Jeff just thinks they are being nice, but he does this too, and I know its because he isn't paying attention).

4. Getting speeding tickets. I have only gotten one, but it seriously ruined my whole week.

5. Proactiv. They are such scammers.

6. When the first stitch you make on the sewing machine the tread comes out of the needle. AHHHH.

7. Thinking that you kids are all peacefully asleep only the find out that they aren't.

8. Pretty much I get angry when someone doesn't give me what I want. (I admit it: I have a bit of the youngest child syndrome, but really who doesn't)????

9. Not being able to understand the lyrics of a song. I always think that I'll come home and look up the words on the internet and I never do. Why can't you just annunciate people?

And Earl Pitts always ends his rants like this. "I'm Earl Pitts. Uhmerikun. PITTS OFF."



So I think the person who needs the most adjusting to life after having baby number three is me. Perhaps I should have know this or at least entertained the idea, but I didn't. There has only been one really bad day when the girls didn't nap and we were trying to get ready to go to Lincoln and Jeff was having a guys night and I would be putting the girls and Callum to bed on my own. My emotional energy was drained and then Callum didn't sleep good that night and Lauren woke up twice. (one of those times screaming and screaming for ice in her cup). Needless to say I was a wreak.

I feel like the most important thing that I can do is to have energy. How does someone get more energy. The times I yell is when I am tired. I don't want Lauren to tell me "hey, you're being mean to me" anymore. I don't want to be a mean mommy.

The other thing that has been hard to adjust to is the lack of time. I feel like someone is needing something all the time. I am constantly saying "hold on a minute," and my whole day is eating up helping the kiddos. I'm sure that is is supposed to be that way and I am sure that I will get used to it, and I'm sure it will get better (right?????)

But for now I am adjusting. Trying to be more energetic and giving than ever before.