A Slow News Day

Apparently my blogging friends are experiencing the same slow news day (or week) that I am because there aren't any new posts. So I decided to blog anyway, about something, though I am awaiting the uh... uh... (the opposite of the writers block). The inspiration hit me to write about 10 things I love. Here goes.

1. Twinkies
2. Shirley Temples (the drink silly. . .though the girl is awfully adorable)
3. A good afternoon thunderstorm (thunderstorms at night scare me)
4. The smell of a craft store
5. Hearing the song that you been wanting to hear being played on the radio.
6. Seeing my beautiful girls sleeping (they just look so peaceful and calm)
7. Reading a book (I love that longing you have when you can't read it because you are doing something else and plan when you can pick it up again. However finishing a book always makes me sad because it's over, and you have nothing to look forward to).
8. Matching hangers (someday all my hangers are going to be wood, no mis-matched hangers (call me O.C.D.)).
9. A perfectly folded shirt, towel, sweater (actually anything folded lovely
10. You know when you finally replace a burnt out light bulb you notice how much brighter your life could have been if you had just replaced the light bulb when it first burnt out. I love that realization.

I have many, many more things that I love, but I think that we'll keep it at ten for those of us with ADHD and can't handle any more.


"Girls in White Dresses With Blue Satin Sashes"

Well not exactly but I thought that I would post some pictures of our beautiful girls in their Easter dresses. We had a lovely Easter weekend spent mostly in Lincoln.
My Mom did a scavenger hunt for us grown up kids because we begged her. She is a brilliant poemest (I think I just made that word up, I believe the correct word would be poet). All the clues rhyme AND make sense, something that I can't seem to accomplish.

Lauren "pre-hair bow" on Easter

Lauren's piano recital (sorry for interrupting aunt La-La's recital (what can you do-she's two))

Here is Miss McKenna in her Easter dress. She is such a sweet baby.

Our Easter Family picture. Thanks to Alissa who took about a hundred pictures and this is the best one. Yep you guessed it. It was the first one she took. And yes I am aware that I clash with the rest of my family (ahh the beauty of black and white).

Life has been pretty chill here (what can I say, my niece stayed here for a week and she rubbed off on me). I went for a run tonight and decided child bearing t'aint (thanks for the word Marni) good for the body. I think that anyone who gives birth will be guaranteed a glamour body in the resurrection. Oy Vey. Speaking of which I found out that I can watch the Nanny on YouTube. So exciting. Needless to say I haven't been taking a nap the last couple of days (shame on me).

Jeff and I went on a date on Friday to P.F. Changs it was so fun to have a date planned in advance so I could go shopping and get a new outfit (I used to do that when we were dating). When he figures out how much this "date" cost us, he will probably never ask me out again. (Thanks again to Natalie and Jeremy for watching the kiddos).

Update for Marni: Lauren has started to fall asleep in her bed. Despite all of our efforts (and my reluctance to admit it) I think the reason she started was because of Tellytubbies, the part where they get into their bed. So no more door kicking thank goodness.
Here are some random pictures of what we have been up to the last couple of weeks. Hope all is well with all my blogging friends.

Here is Lauren sporting a crown that we made together.

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho its off to ..... I go (I remember my Dad singing that before he left for work sometimes).

One of my most recent "culinary masterpieces" Lemon Curd. The cups are chocolate. Aren't they adorable. (You can buy them at Target).

This is a picture of our Missy May on her blessing day. Thanks to all of our family and friends who came from near and far and in between to show love.