Filling In The Gaps

Okay. I want to fill in the gaps for the last five months. Unbelievable. 

January-Jeff and I went to a few interviews for residency. Vanderbilt, and Iowa City. While we were in Nashville we got to go to the Grand Ole' Opry, and some other fun place our friends had told us about. 

February- McKenna turned three. What should I say about Kenna? The nursery leader here called her "assertive." That pretty much sums it up. We love our feisty little lady.

March- Match Day. We found out that Jeff had been accepted to the University of Wisconsin residency program.

April- We packed up our apartment

May- Lauren's preschool graduation.
        Lauren's 5th birthday. She is so sweet, except when she is teasing McKenna. 
        Moved to my parents house for the month to save on rent. 
        Callum's first swimming experience. 
        Jeff ran a half marathon. I'm not sure what he was thinking. 
        Jeff graduated from Medical School
        I got to bottle feed a baby calf. AWKWARD. 

June- Closed on our house
         Had a little relaxing vacation in the Dells
         Moved into our house
         Painted Lauren's bedroom
         Painted my hutch
         Painted Lauren's dresser
         Painted Kenna's and Callum's dresser. 
         I left the kids with Jeff and flew to Utah for my niece's wedding. I was gone over           Father's Day weekend. Happy Father's day Jeff. :)
         Jeff started his residency
         The girls started swim lessons. 

Pictures Below........ pretty self explanatory. 

The pictures of the house will be the next post. Is it killing you??????????



How is Wisconsin? So far it has been really fun. We have been so blessed to have neighbors behind us that are members and they have a little girl and a boy on the way. The girls love their new friend. Milk is cheaper here than in Nebraska. Jeff and I have a new rule here that when we eat out we can't go somewhere we have been before. So far it has been really fun and we've had some really great food and some really not great food.

Pictures of the house? I haven't taken any yet and I will not until I feel it has reached perfection? What I really need is someone to come visit me so I will be motivated to take care of a few last annoying details. Like trying to decide if I should hang up my big clock or just have sitting on the mantel? One of the grouping of things on top of my kitchen cupboard is bothering me, but I can't really figure out why.

How do I like the house? It is great. The hardest things for me to get used to are
1. The light switches. Which one does what? SERIOUSLY?
2. The stairs. I'm not talking about the fact that this house has 44 stairs, but the distance between each step and how far is sticks out. I tend to bound down the stairs, and I like to feel comfortable and "know" my stairs. And apparently that takes me a little while.

Lauren prays every night that her friends in Nebraska will be happy even though she is gone. She is a sweet girl and everyone is adjusting well to the move.

So, pictures to come whenever perfection is reached.


Holy Smokes. It has been forever. Not because I hadn't tried, but because blogger wasn't working for me. I would try to post something and it would just freeze up. HOWEVER today the problem was solved. So simple really. We just needed to update to Google Chrome. So I am back. HooRAy!!!!!