What I did this Weekend

1. Went to the grocery store three times in one day

2. Got carded for buying non-alcoholic margarita mix.

3. Went to three stores looking for a picnic basket (can you believe that we don't own one)

4. Couldn't find a said picnic basket (can you believe that we STILL don't own one)?

5. Went on a picnic with Jeff (with food in a paper sack (it's a step up from the regular plastic sack)).

6. Finally went to find out what was at Memorial Park

7. Wasted a good hour and a half at Nebraska Furniture Mart (I could go on every date to NFM)

8. Went to G.I. for the Nebraska State Fair

9. Went to a Demolition Derby for the first time ever

10. Ate a deep fat fried Twinkie for the first time.

This is the girls at the D.D. my camera died before I got any pictures of the cars. Look at the picture above and see how dirty Lauren's hands are. It was so windy at the fair and sand would just blow into your eyes. I came home and felt so dirty. There was even dirt in the girls' ears.

This was Lauren's first day of preschool. She loves it. On the first day of school the teachers sent her home with candy and she has been in love ever since. It is so weird picking her up from preschool. She seems older somehow. She is learning things that I didn't teach her and when she tells me stuff that happened in preschool I just have to believe her because I wasn't there. And I don't think McKenna knows what to do with herself. I decided that McKenna would never cry if Lauren didn't take toys away from her, she was so quiet while Lauren was at preschool.


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Okay so Jeff and I recently watched the new Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and then last night we stayed up til 1:00am watching the six tape Collin Firth Pride and Prejudice. And had a fairly heated discussion about which one was better. Jeff thinks the new one is better (I think it is because he thinks that Keira knightley is cute), he also says that it makes you feel more emotion than the old one does.

So which one is overall better? Leave comments here.