Tag, I'm it.

I have been tagged by my dear friend Kim (by the way Kim I always check your blog but I can't comment on them because I don't know your e-mail. So don't think that I don't love you anymore).

1- Post the rules on your blog
2- List 6 random things about yourself.
3- Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
4- Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
5- Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
This should be extremely easy for me to come up with six random things. Well here it goes.
1-The second toe on my right foot is longer than the first, but not on the left foot
2-In middle school I ate a nutty bar and chocolate milk everyday for lunch. (Don't tell my Mom) (Sorry Mom if you read this)
3-Twister is my favorite game
4- I think that grocery shopping is the dumbest thing in the world. Think about it. You go to the store grab a cart, fill the cart up, then take it all out to pay for it. Then put it all back into tuhe shopping cart. Take it all back out and put it in your car. Drive home and take it all out. Then put it away in your cupboard. Really dumb when you write it all out isn't it?
5-I ran track in high school my senior year. When pressed if I was good I tell people "I never won a race, and I never lost a race." But let's be honest, I was almost always second to last.
6- I like to dip french fries in my shakes (strawberry and vanilla only thank you, I don't like chocolate ice cream.)
Well I hope that that was entertaining for all of you. I tag Jami H., Diggity Dang, Diantha, Adrianna, Tasha, and Alissa. :)


Nesting mixed with O.C.D.

Finally an update to my blog. My sister asked why I haven't blogged anything for so long, and I told her that I haven't had time. (I'm not blessed with a job where I get paid to do nothing) She and my Mom scoffed at that comment of not having time, and I told them that I can't blog while Lauren is awake and when she is napping, I have to nap, and when she is in bed I have been busy nesting. To quote Mary Poppins "A robin feathering her nest has very little time to rest, while gathering her bits of twine and twigs."
I didn't nest at all when I was pregnant with Lauren so this is a very strange sensation that I need, need, need to have the rugs in the bathroom washed today, or that the lamp in our bedroom has to be spray painted. Only to be spray painted again the next day because I didn't like the color (thanks Jeff). I told Jeff tonight "I'm nesting" and he said "I'm well aware." Because not only does my nesting affect me, it also means Jeff's honey-do list is longer. But poor Jeff doesn't have the energy boost that comes with nesting.
Anyway I should probably post a few pictures because what is a blog without pictures? These are all very random pictures that I should have blogged before.

This is a snowman that Lauren and I built. When Jeff saw the picture he asked if I used oreos for the eyes, and I said "no, those would be raisins." What can I say the snow is cold on bare hands.

Hope you enjoyed the crazy gingerbread cookies. Kristie I think that you and I should have a competition on the best decorated cookies:) This last picture is from the car ride to North Platte for Christmas. We were taking a picture to Grandma that Lauren made in story time at the Library and I turned around and she had taken all the stickers off and put them on her face. She does really love stickers.

This is a picture of Lauren on Christmas wearing Alissa's princess jewelry. I had the stomach flu, but still enjoyed Christmas.

This was my birthday present. Jeff and I went to the Nebraska City to the Lied Lodge and had a carriage ride and spent the night, because what I wanted more than anything was an uninterrupted night of sleep. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for watching Lauren and waking up with her at 5:00 am. He He. (She was still excited about playing with her Christmas presents, so she was waking up really early ready to play)

I am just totally impressed by this. I was out doing something in the kitchen and I came to check on Lauren and she had done this all by herself. I was so afraid that she was going to knock it down before I got a picture of it.