I'm ready

So I am ready to have this baby. We finally got the room all put together and that was about the only thing keeping this baby in. Poor Jeff was on call, so he was up all day and all night and when he got home I made him finish the crib and toddler bed. I let him take a nap and then he spent 2 1/2 hours putting the crib together. He is very nice to me. So any day now our baby can come. Here are a couple of pictures of the room.


Prep for Baby's Arrival

Oh my, oh my. Sigh. We have been so busy. We moved a week and a half ago and are working on getting all settled in before baby brother comes. The girls are really really excited and I'm a little afraid a newborn baby might be a little of a let down for them. I am 36 weeks along and feel like I still need a little time before the baby comes. Here are projects we are working on:

1. Painting baby brother's crib

2. Painting Kenna's toddler bed to match

3. Painting a changing table

4. Sewing matching crib skirts

5. Sewing matching pillows

6. Trying to unpack the last two random boxes that may never have a proper home here.

If any of you really love to paint stop by anytime.

On a side note I just wanted to write these down because I think that they are funny.

Lauren has a blister on her foot from a pair of shoes that were apparently too small and she calls it a "blizzard."

McKenna calls headbands "band-aids."