Me: Lauren do you want to be potty trained and be a big girl and go peeps and poops in the potty?

Lauren: I want to be a train!!!

Me: (Confused) You want to be a train??????

Lauren: I DO!!!!!!!!! I DO WANT TO BE A TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we have watched too much Thomas around these parts.



Yesterday I reached my weight loss goal of seven pounds. Hooray. I guess that is the only benefit of the stomach flu:) Think I'll keep it off????? We are all feeling a little down the last couple of days and today we all napped at 10:00am. We have been filling our daytime hours with Thomas and Maisy and filling our nights with HGTV.

Needless to say we are ready to feel better and get off our couch potato buns. (Even though mine is so slim now). ha ha.

Many blessing to Jeff for staying well and staying home from class and studying to take care of us.

Also blessings to Natalie for watching Lauren whilst I was sick, only for Lauren to get sick at her house.


"Silly Gurl"

Lauren has been saying some really funny things and I wanted to write them down so I would have them.

Conversation #1 -today

Lauren: Mommy you vacuumed your room?

Me: Yep. I vacuumed your room too, doesn't it look so much better clean?

Lauren: Uhh? (A look a disgust on her face) Stepnie, no don't vacuum my room. . . I like it dirty.

Conversation #2 -Yesterday

Lauren: Mommy whats you got? (I popped a zit and had a little piece of toilet paper on it)

Toilet paper?? ha ha Silly! Toilet papers for yours bum.

Conversation # 3 - a while ago

We were at the mall and I was putting Lauren into her stroller and was tightening the straps when my hand slipped and bonked her in the nose.

Me: Oh, Lauren I'm so sorry, are you okay.

Lauren: Daddy going to be a DoCtor?? He get me a band-aid.



So I got my haircut on Saturday and this is my new punk hair-do. I am not so sure it is me, but I guess I will rock it as best I can. Peace Out.


I know, I know

I realize that it has been forever since I have last blogged, and many thanks to those of you that have pointed this fact out. It somehow makes me feel loved and slightly pestered.

Let me first explain the reason for my absence, and it is a good reason. I have become an HGTV junkie. (I know that there are plenty of other people who can sympathize with me). Melanie I love your home but it will be much healthier when I am forcefully removed from the satellite. When I was bored I used to just jump on the computer for some blogging, but laying down on the couch and vegging is so much easier. Thus the reason for my lack of blogging.
Our Christmas was wonderful and having Jeff here with us was such a treat. We all miss him, but we express it in different ways. For Lauren she called him on Monday morning when she discovered that he was back at school and started crying when she said "I miss you daddy." Or when he tried to lay her down that night she clung to his neck and said "Hold you daddy, Sleep here on MY pillow." So Jeff ended up sleeping on her floor just to reassure her that he did indeed love her and would play with her when he got home the next day. For me, I just feel lonely without him around during the day and being snowed in doesn't help matters. McKenna misses having me all to herself. When daddy is around Lauren clings to him which opens me up for McKenna.
So here are a few pictures of our holidays and some other random favorite photos.

This is our lovely table spread for our Christmas Eve dinner. Take notice of the ice candle holders. Super cool (thanks HGTV), but melted before we even started dinner. Perhaps in an Arctic climate it would have been better.

Here is McKenna opening her present from Santa. This little lady has her top two teeth and her bottom two teeth and she grinds them together. Before I couldn't hear it before because her teeth weren't out all the way but she must have been able to feel it because she would stick her bottom jaw out a lot, and I just figured her teeth were bothering her, but now I can hear it and it is kind of sickening.

This is just one of my favorite pictures of Lauren. She has really blossomed in her abilities to do everything. I am trying to find an art class for her and she loves to do anything artistic.

My birthday was on the 27th and I turned 24. Jeff and my Mom teamed up to make me eclairs. Don't they look beautiful, and they were delicious. Here is the proof . . .

For my birthday Jeff tackled the feat of buying me clothes. This was the first timed he attempted to buy me clothes and I think he did a great job. The pumps, the shirt, necklace and tank top were all of his choosing. I do have a question for you fashionistas: What is the proper bunch necessary for wearing skinny jeans with heels. I usually just wear boots over them but know that I have heels I need to know. I personally think that the lack of bunch makes these too short.

Probably the highlight of our vacation was taking part in the making of a guest room in my parents basement. They were kind enough to listen to my input because they know I love this stuff, and I have nothing to decorate. This room had a lamp, desk and the couch in it before. Then in two days the walls were painted, a headboard was cut and covered. We brought down the bed from upstairs (My Dad and Jeff). A curtain rod and curtains were put up. Pillows were made, the couch got slipcoverd, vinyl was cut and put up (don't say anything about the "levelness" of it, or that the 's' isn't cut out because trying to get it straight about killed me and the 's' just didn't cut out)

This is the wall opposite the bed. Look at those pillows. I made them. Well not the green one, we bought that one. It was so much fun. Now all I need is a house and some money and I can play designer a my house.

I know that her eyes are closed, but this picture just makes me Laugh.

I'm posting this one because I think that I look good in it, and those kind of pictures are so few and far between, right????

Here are my two Oreo lovers. Got Milk?????

Jeff brought me down my toothbrush so we could stay on schedule and I've left in my mouth for like five minutes and I think that the toothpaste has burned off my taste buds so, I guess I need to go spit. Hope everyone is having a lovely and encouraging start to their new year.