1. Won a root beer tasting contest

2. Been on a hot air balloon ride

3. Been to Target three times in one day, or was it four?

4. Only had three jobs my whole life (I don't work much)

5. Been fired from a job

6. Been given a bouquet of french fries

7. Ordered a Runza at Wendy's (I thought I was at Runza, and I couldn't figure out why they didn't have Runzas and Runza, I later realized as I was leaving the parking lot that it me who was the idiot and not the poor girl taking my order who didn't know what a runza was).

8. Eaten a whole medium pizza from Pizza Hut

9. Won a french toast eating contest (9 French Toast, no wonder I gained the "Freshman 15") (The pizza was a contest too, also my freshman year).

10. Reoccurring dreams about being able to fly and being an ice skater. (What do those mean)?

11. Watched every single episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King ever made

12. Read every book Sophie Kinsella has written

13. Tried to jump across a creek and ended up in it instead. (Luckily it was after Jeff's family pictures and not before).

14. Eaten Pate (goose liver)



I have never . . .

1. Purchased a CD

2. Ordered soup at a restaurant

3. Seen the ocean

4. Finished reading/watching Harry Potter

5. Painted my fingernails any color but pink or red. (I just look down and my toes are painted purple)

6. Made a pie crust

7. Eaten at a seafood place

8. had my eyebrows waxed

9. been inter-tubing

10. and will never want any pets


You Know You Have A Two Year Old When...

1. The toilet paper in your house is pulled all the way down to the floor.

2. You curse the garbage man for being too loud in the fear of them waking your child up.

3. Your eyeliner is more often used for kitty faces, then for lining your eyes.

4. It takes about 20 minutes to get out the door when you are already ready to go.

5. It takes 10 minutes to get out the driveway when you are already in the car.

6. You find yourself singing "This Old Man" while you are grocery shopping. . .alone.

7. You change not only your children's diapers and clothes but also those of all the dolls in your house.

8. Find yourself asking what your child's doll would like for lunch.

9. You get reprimanded and told "Oh Bugger" is a bad word.

10. You feel as those you constantly wear a black and white stripped shirt with a whistle.

11. Every step you take in the kitchen results in the crunching of cereal.

12. You eat more imaginary food than you do real food.

13. You base who you see most often on who your kid likes the most and plays with the best. (I would love to see the mall and Hobby Lobby more, but two years olds don't play nice with Hobby Lobby)

14. You have vowed never to paint your fingernails again in their presence, it is too diasterous.

15. You laugh everday of your life, and thank Heavenly Father everyday for the blessing of being a mother.

You've got to love it.