It has been seven posts since I have posted a picture. There are a couple of reasons for that. First we lost our camera (if anyone has seen a little blue Cannon digital camera, it is mine and I want it back, thank you). Second I have been busy. (Not really actually, just lazy). But tonight the girls were put to bed at 6:30pm because of lack of naps and Jeff went to bed at 6:45pm so I am awake, the house is clean and I am bored. (And kind of reflective).

I want to tell about my girls. They drive me crazy and nothing makes me feel like I am losing my patience more than the two of them fighting or diddle-dawdling. And YES they fight. I feel like I am a referee all day long and I can't hardly count to twenty after leaving the room before one of them is crying.

But conversely nothing makes me happier than hearing their little giggles and sequels when the actually are playing nice.

McKenna is so easy going but at the same time has some serious personality. She has a mischievous smile that you can't help but be a little bit proud of, and a cheeser smile that can make even the most solemn person laugh. She has an arm that will guarantee her a spot as a pitcher. When that girl is done with something you had better watch out. She is playful and happy except when she is tired or sick. She is feisty and she is brave. She is a leader.

Lauren is the most observant, and specific girl I know. And I wonder if in her little world she gets scared because she is so aware of where she is and what she is. She is bossy and emotional. She can look at pictures when paired with music and just start bawling. She feels emotions stronger than most. Sadness, and happiness, love for things and hate for things. And did I mention her sense of fashion? Lauren loves songs and will frequently be singing the hokey pokey or rock-a-bye. Lauren is a good Mommy to her babies, but tough. (She once put her baby in time out on the window ledge and left her there till the next day and when I tried to move her she informed me that she was still in time out and I explained that the baby had probably learned her lesson for hitting). Lauren has an amazing memory, she talks about things that happened last summer and is a loyal friend.

I have just been thinking lately about my girls and their differences and their persons in general and wanted to write it down for my own motherly sake.


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DID IT. . .

I registered for classes in the fall. Watch out HGTV, I'm on my way.

P.S. for those of you who are not around me to hear me talk about my dreams, interior design is the goal. It is all I ever think about. I try to nap and sometimes I can't turn my brain off long enough to fall asleep. It's always designing chandeliers and couches. So in ten years when I finish school and you want some advice give me a call.