Things I've Learned

Jeff and I just got home from doing three interviews. University of Utah on Monday, University of Wisconsin on Wednesday and Mayo Clinic on Friday. Here are things I learned.

1. I am a little claustrophobic in the last row and next to the window of an airplane.

2. Having a stroller and a baby gets you on the airplane first, but you also get off last.

3. Just because the word Grand is in the name of the hotel doesn't necessarily mean that the hotel IS grand. And in our case, far from.

4. The water in Madison Wisconsin is disgusting.

5. I was not meant to be a traveler. I kept getting confused about which state I was in and which one I had come from.

6. It is a good thing that I don't rely on public transportation. Jeff and I rode the trax in SLC and it took me like ten minutes to figure out the map and which train to get on.

7. My scarf got stolen on the airplane. That's not something I learned, just a side note.

8. You apparently have to either ski or mountain bike to fit in in SLC.

9. I really should have bought those pacifier wipes before we went on our trip. Callum's poor pacifier was on so many airport floors, airplane floors, hotel floors, restaurant floors. YUCK. Let's just say his immune system got a little tougher.

10. Car rentals are really REALLY expensive. Hence the reason we only got a car for one day to drive from Madison to Rochester.

Well that's all that I learned on this trip. We'll see what I learn when we go to Nashville in January.



Really creative title right? I'm a little short on imagination and motivation so...yeah. This is mostly just a picture post of the things we did in October.

Here is a wreath that I made for fall. I got motivated when I went to Hobby Lobby and the wreath I liked was 4o bucks. NO WAY was I or will I ever pay that much for a wreath. This beauty was only three dollars and five hot glue burns. The picture isn't great, but I love it and feel a deep sense of pride every time I look at it. Pathetic I know.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

It was a perfect day and we all had such a fun time.

Here is my little man already six weeks old. We love him.


Ahhh. My little Toy Story family. I was trying to think of a family costume theme and it just hit me. You know when Mr. and Mrs. Potato head adopt the three aliens that came from the Pizza Planet. Here we are. I even got the girls to walk around saying "you have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful," well their version of that statement anyway. I made the costumes without patterns. I was totally stressed out, but they got done.

My girls cheating and holding the string to eat their donuts. Hmmm. I wonder where they learned that trick. (From me. I love this tradition of eating donuts from a string, but I always cheat too).