Independent Thought

I guess I figured it was still too early in Lauren's life to have her own will when it comes to clothing choices, but I guess not. Yesterday I opened the dryer and pulled out the green hoodie, a white onesie and a pair of khakis for Lauren to wear. Lauren appeared out of nowhere and pulled out her hawaiian dress. Whatever, I thought I'll just let her wear the dress because we're not really going anywhere. So I put the dress on, but she wanted to wear the hoodie too. I didn't fight with her because I just got over a bout of the wrathful stomach. (phrase from Marni and Jon) Then she tried to put the pants on herself. Today she picked out a purple sock and a red sock for me to put on her.

This little ladybelle is such a stinker. She was playing with her stars and when the music would start she would shake her head really fast, until she got really dizzy looking. She does it just a little bit in the video but not to the extent she was before I got the camera. Oh by the way I got picture tagged. You are supposed to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder, but my fourth folder only had two pictures in it, so I consider myself exempt from the tag!!


Call Me Crazy

Okay, I have a semi-embarrassing confession to make, though some of you already know it. I love High School Musical. And today High School Musical 3 comes out in theaters. I really wanted to go see it, but a person my age can't go see it. So I was trying to finagle ways that I could go and see it.

1. Find someone 10 year old girl in my ward and take her. (Problem is that I don't know anybody in my ward yet. However I did just get called to be a primary worker. Maybe I will be teacher over that class).

2. Go to the 9:55 movie when all the youngsters will be in bed and then I could have the whole theater to myself to laugh at whatever I wanted to laugh at. (But I'm to tired to go that late at night)

3. There really is no third option, which is why I am posting this post and not at the theater enjoying more of the drama of High School set to music.
Someone should really tell Sharpay that red and pink clash.


Butter Anyone

This morning Lauren woke up with a scream followed by some cries, which isn't unusual. But when I walked into her room she was still laying down. Usually in the mornings she dumps all of her blankets out of her crib when she wakes up. So I went over to her crib and looked at her and her leg was stuck between the slats. I tried to pull the slats apart just a little to see if she could pull her leg out. That didn't work so I went and got some butter out of the fridge. When I got back she was sitting up so her leg wasn't at a weird 90 degree angle anymore. I tried to pull her pant leg up but it was so tight I could barely get it up. Once I got butter on her leg it slid through pretty easily. But she has a bruise on her leg and she sat on my lap for about 10 minutes after that, and those of you who know Lauren know that it must have been a traumatic experience if she sat on my lap. Good thing I didn't have to call 911.


Pumpkins, Pumpkins

On Friday we had our friends come over and carve pumpkins with us. (Jeremy, Natalie, Addie and Davis) It was really fun, but I was thinking that I have never personally carved a pumpkin. I guess for some reason in my head it seems like a man's job. Strange sterotype isn't it. Ours is a haunted house. It was commented by our neighbors that it just looked like a house. I guess you have to make the connection that since it is on a pumpkin it is haunted.


Ultrasound Results

We had our ultrasound today and at first they couldn't tell what the baby was, but since they had to measure and check the anatomy of the baby there was 45 minutes to have the baby move around. And I was super shocked to have the technician say that it was a girl. I could have sworn that it was going to be a boy. Oh the drama that I will have to deal with. Sisters always hate each other. Que Sera Sera.


Garage Sale Addict Annoyomous

This message is to all those who find their lives deteriorating (or at least their driving skills) because of garage sales. I am addicted to garage sales. But I believe their is hope to overcome (aka Winter). The signs of my addiction is apparent on three different levels.

Level 1: Whenever I see a sign I have to turn, it is almost involuntary. I could be going 45 mph and slam on the brakes to be able to turn. I did this once and my brakes squealed and I felt a little embarrassed.

Level 2: If I have looked in the paper or on craigslist for a garage sale I have to be there right when it starts. I have this phobia kind of anxiety attached to my addiction that if I am late someone will buy all the good stuff.

Level 3: Now this is by far the worst and most telling that I have garage sales way too high on a priority list. I stooped so low as to clean out "precious penny" (see photo) to have money for a garage sale. Now "precious penny" is Jeff's pride and joy! At the end of each day he puts the change he finds on the ground in it. It is a most reverenced item in our household.

They say the first step is recognition, but isn't the second DeNiaL? Ha Ha


Home Sweet Home

I'm adding a couple of pictures of our apartment for the benefit of those with very literal minds like mine. I always need the details. Like what were they wearing, and who else was there, to really enjoy a story. It really drives Jeff crazy when he tries to tell me a story and I interrupt him 10 times, and since he is a guy he never knows the answer to these questions anyway. What does this have to do with pictures of our apartment, you ask? Well it will make the story of our life more real if you know where it is happening. Right? Well if not, then I am just posting pictures of our apartment so you can see it.



The other morning Lauren was looking at the pictures in her blue Book of Mormon. She was looking at this picture of Lehi and the liahona. So I said "Lauren say Lehi." She started to wave and it took me a second to realize that she thought I had said "say Hi," not "say Lehi."