My Favorite Phrases of the Day

There were two really funny things that my girls said today that I just wanted to make note of so someday I could look back and laugh at my funny kids.

1. We just discovered today that we have an ant problem. When Kenna saw them she said "Mom. An aunt. Die it." Lauren on the other hand is elated. She has it in her mind that we are now an 'ant farm.'

2. I was taking my special mothers day nap (which is really no different than any other day but it is sanctioned on Mothers day) and I had told the girls to play nicely together in Lauren's room and that that would just be the greatest mothers day present ever. Anyway a little while later I heard them fighting and I heard Lauren's door open.

Lauren: Ke-nna. Its Mothers day, don't go tell on me.

I just laughed a little. I wonder who she was doing it for more. Me or her? Probably for me. She was the sweetest thing today. She had planned with Jeff to wake up and make me pancakes. So at 6:30 she woke up all by herself so excited and came into our room and asked Jeff it is was time yet. They waited for me to hop in the shower and then they headed down to make breakfast. Lauren got the table all set and had put candy on my nightstand. I have decided that it is really fun to have kids that can do nice things for you on Mothers day. They are so adorable.



This morning Kenna complained that her tummy hurt. Now she has diarrhea.

Jeff: Maybe I should go for a run.
Me: Yeah. Go right now. Do you have your shoes on?
Kenna: Why does Daddy need to have his shoes?
Me: Because he wants to go for a run.
Kenna: Can I come????????

Bwahhhhahhhhh. She is a pretty spry sick girl. Even sick she could probably run faster and farther than me.