Update On Jeff

I just wanted to update everyone on Medical School. Jeff is in his final year. He graduates in May (Hooray). And then it is residency. He has already applied to residency programs. Here is the list in case you are curious.

1. Iowa (Iowa City)
2. Oklahoma
3. University of Wisconsin
4. Colorado (Denver)
5. Oregon
6. Nebraska
7. Vanderbilt (Nashville Tennessee)
8. University of Utah
9. Northwestern (Chicago)
10. Mayo Clinic (Minnesota)
11. University of Minnesota

He has heard back and has interview set up at half of the schools. So if you are near these cities expect to get a phone call for us to come visit/stay with you during interviews.

He takes his step 2 board examines October 16th and sometime goes to L.A. for another part of the test. And something...something...and something else.

Just so you know.

McKenna at Play

I was busy making some caramel apples this morning and McKenna was happily playing. These just made me laugh.


What a Stud!!!!!!



Welcome to the Rodeo

He is here. Our little cowboy is finally here. Actually he has been here for a week and half and I am just now getting around to anouncing his birth.

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Boy, oh boy. Where is our boy???

This is where our boy is:

Yep. Still inside me. I can't believe it. My due date is on Wednesday so I shouldn't be complaining, and I'm not really, I am just in shock that I haven't gone into labor yet.

We have been keeping busy. Lauren started preschool this last week and was so excited about starting that she ate breakfast with her backpack on. I have a little problem though. I started this new routine that we pick out Lauren's clothes the night before preschool and before she comes out of her room in the morning she gets dressed. The only problem is that she eats breakfast after she gets dressed and spills on herself. Hence the spot on her skirt. What is the best way?

We had a rainy Saturday and we decided that it would be great fun to jump in puddles. And Jeff showed the girls what a pro he is on roller skates.