A Funny Story

Lauren got to play with her boy cousins a while ago and they taught her a little bit about guns. Well a very little bit. She was building with legos and built herself a gun. She jumped onto the couch and said "I'm GUN GUN GUNNING." As she was getting off the couch she dropped her lego gun and said "Oh!!!! My Shoot." Got things a little bit backwards. Kind of on the same note she calls the washer "the wet dryer." Funny Funny girl.

McKenna has been saying quite a few words, but I'm not sure anyone would know that they are words.

Cookie= coookie

candy= andy

Hold me= olde mie

jacket= jayka

croc= cock

boots= boots

map= map

backpack= baa paac

rock-a-bye= rok-by

book= bok

diaper= biper

blanket= E-E

milk= mock

goodnight= nigh nigh

sock= ock

help= eeelp

tickle= ickle icke

apple= oppole

She also says mommy and daddy, uh-oh, yes and no. That's all that I can think of right now, but I am sure there are more.


Things I hate

1. Forgetting to set our clocks back and show up at church an hour early. When we pulled in I said "There aren't very many cars here for 9:00 o'clock and 11:00 o'clock church." And when we were walking in the halls I wondered why there were so many people, but it didn't click until I walked into the nursery and saw a bunch of kids that were not in our ward. So Lame.

2. I hate beef jerky, or deer jerky. Just the smell makes me so nauseous.

3. I hate falling asleep before I have done my bedtime business. (washing face, brushing teeth, praying).

4. I hate waking up at 2:00am to do bedtime business when I have falling asleep before doing bedtime business.

5. I hate having headaches everyday.

6. I hate how quickly and thoroughly addicted I get to things. (Italian Soda, HGTV, Glee (which I said I was giving up, but I'm on the wagon again), Scarecrow and Mrs. King).

7. I hate that whenever I borrow anything from anybody it winds up broken. You have been warned. Loan at your own risk.

8. I hate getting back from the grocery store and then realize that I forgot something.

9. I hate fish, all kinds.

10. I hate that I eat too much and then feel like I'm going to throw-up all night. (While typing this I am eating a cookie, after I have already had a big dinner and dessert).

11. I hate that whenever I have company the food never turns out like it should.

12. I hate being startled awake. I feel jittery and nervous for like a half-hour.

13. I hate returning things to the store. It is such a hassle.

14. I hate that apartments don't have a ceiling light in the living room.

15. I hate math. Hate. Hate. Hate.

16. I hate all the new songs by Tim McGraw

17. I hate going out to dinner and end up getting mediocre food. If I wanted mediocre food I would have stayed home and made dinner.

18. I hate the bitter winds of winter.

19. I hate the smell of gas fireplaces.

20. I hate getting stains on new clothes.



1. In ninth grade I stapled my finger on purpose to see if it would hurt. It did.

2. I stick candy wrappers in the couch cushions. Or just throw them on the floor.

3. I have had an Italian soda almost everyday for two weeks.

4. I somehow graduated from high school without taking a world history class and sometimes when people talk about history I have no idea what they are talking about.

5. I like to eat macaroni and cheese cold.

6. I'm scared of going into a new building (ex: doctor's office, community centers, schools) because I think I'll get lost or I'll do it wrong (if there is a way to actually find your way wrong? (If that makes any sense? (So I always give myself some extra time ))).

7. I usually only like books or movies if there is a love story involved.

8. I didn't get asked to prom junior or senior year. In fact I don't think I ever really got asked out on a date until after I graduated from high school.

9. I daydream about having hundreds of pairs of heels. Lined up lovely on shelves of course.

10. Jeff and I had our first kiss before our first date.

11. I cried watching "Cars" today. You know the part where Lightening McQueen stops to help "The King." Gets me every time.

12. I hate washing windows.

13. I had headgear that I had to wear at night when I was a teenager.

14. I still use my fingers to count. (Only the hard ones like 7+5 and 8+5).

15. I love to eat laffy taffys becuase its candy and entertainment. (But only the pink kind).

16. I think that I am a little bit psychic. For real.