Back to School

Jeff had to go back to school today. We were so very sad. Anyway here is a sweet conversation between Jeff and Lauren.

Lauren: You have to go back to school????

Daddy: Yep.

Lauren: Why do you have to go back to school?

Daddy: So I can finish and be a doctor

Lauren: (In the saddest voice you can imagine) I don't want you to be a doctor.



Today I am feeling a little sick. Just a fever and a few aches, but I am fine otherwise. I have so many back posts to do, but right now I am just going to say that we are trying to potty train Lauren. We gave her a drink and told her that if she went potty in the toilet she would get two M&Ms (her choice). Well it has been one hour and she has been five times. She just barely gets off the potty and washes her hands before she announces in a semi-excited, semi-terrified voice that "I'm GOING." I'm ready to put a diaper back on her.

Soon I will post about our trip to Texas and all other past excitements.

Also I am need of a good ice cream. I am so tired of going to the store and buying ice cream and having it not be good. But here is a list of kinds that I don't like

1. I don't like chocolate ice cream
2. I don't like butterscotch
3. I don't love caramel
4. I don't like nuts.

So if you have a favorite ice cream that doesn't involve these things leave a comment and I'll try it and if I love it, then I'll be greatly indebted to you.



So as promised here are a couple of pictures of random projects and my new blondies.

This is a picture of the hutch I bought on craigslist for my kitchen. It was a ghastly shade of forest green but it is much better now especially with the new hardware.

This is a picture of our dining room. Are you noticing my beautiful tree. This is what I tell everybody who asks about it; "It is like a fake tree, but it's real, but it's dead." Cool Right???Here is a picture of me and my girl. She went 'peeps' on the potty for the first time last week. It was kind of exciting actually. We go to the doctor today for her three year check-up and for McKenna's 15 month check-up. (I want Mickey to be her nickname but spell it like this: McKe. Is that totally dorky)?? (I'll need your help calling her that though, more than one person has to call her McKe for it to be a nickname).

And here are my new blond hairs. Okay my hair is not usually this flippy-outey, this is my attempt at straightening, Pathetic right? The hair is okay for summer, but I have no intentions of being a permanent blond.

Today is Jeff's boards, so if you can say a little prayer for him, I know that he would appreciate it. I am so glad that it is ALMOST OVER. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bragged about Jeff on my family blog, but I'll brag about him here too. He recieved a regent scholarship again this year. I am so proud of him and all of his hard, focused work that lets him be a great student and a great husband and father. (Just a side note; it you look closely behind me you will see my giraffe covered bar stools)


Another Year

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Lauren's third birthday was a week ago. Sorry it took so long for me to get this posted but our borrowed internet wasn't working. Sheesh. So enjoy it. We borrowed my parents old digital camera (thanks again). (Why didn't I think of that earlier)??? If my house ever gets cleaned maybe I'll post pictures of our new 'crib.'