I can't believe that it has been so long since I have blogged. So tonight while Jeff is studying I will buckle down and update. Here are some of the things that have happened since I have last blogged.

1. Thanksgiving. Ha ha ha
2. Christmas. Ha ha ha
3. New Years Eve. Ha ha ha
Okay seriously here are some things that have happened.
1. I had my first cake job. I charged about as much as the cake cost to make. Not mentioning the probably eight hours I spent making it. I made it for a baby shower that a nurse Jeff met while on his psych rotation was throwing.

2. Lauren got her first haircut. She did really great and when I told the lady who was cutting it that it was her first haircut she said, "her first, first?" Yes I know that my child is four and still has short hair.

3. Lauren is potty trained at night. I had been putting off letting her wear underwear to bed, but she hasn't had an accident. Knock on wood. She just gets up and goes on the little potty in her room.

4. I Celebrated my 25th birthday. Jeff was really sweet. I said here are a list of my wants, and if they don't happen I will feel sad on my birthday. Crete Paper and balloons, (decorated before I wake up) a store bought cake, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. We were at Jeff's parents house and they didn't have crete paper and balloons, so he so sweetly got up super early to make a Wal-Mart run.
5. McKenna stubbed her toe on Christmas morning. Jeff's parents have these neat swinging doors in their living room so their dog doesn't go in there, but Kenna got her toe under one of them and cut it. That healed up pretty well, but then the nail bed got really red and infected. When we got back to Omaha I took her to the doctor and she was on two different antibiotics. Then all the skin peeled. Anyway a month later and it just about looks all the way back to normal.
6. Lauren had her preschool Christmas program. She was so cute and got so excited when people started clapping.
7. I got addicted to Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. Jeff and I missed midnight on New Years Eve because we were so absorbed. I think we stayed up till 1:30am. When we found out that we missed it we leaned over gave each other a kiss said "Happy New Year" and kept on playing.
8. I have decided that Jeff is doing residency somewhere warm. I hate snow. I hate cold. I hate winter.
9. I ate a whole package of E.L. Fudge in three days. I guess that's not exactly true. Jeff ate two and the girls each had one.
10. I have felt really stressed out. My girls have been sick off and on for the last month and they are totally unstable, and melt down over the littlest things. I feel like I am just trying to survive. I think I need a vacation.
11. We got our family pictures taken by a friend in our ward. Here are a couple of my favorites.

12. I'm now a red head.

13. I bought a brand new pair of Merrell shoes from Goodwill today for $9.99. Sweet. I'm wearing them right now.

14. While waiting for Jeff to get the camera out of the van for me I decided to clean out our email inbox. I just erased 1028 messages. There were some from March 2008. So if there was something important that you have sent me and I haven't responded you should probably call me because I didn't look at them. I actually never look at my email, hence the 1028 messages.

15. Jeff and I went ice skating for one of our dates. It was really fun, especially when I backed into a wall while skating backwards only to find that it was an open door and I totally fell back and bruised my arm and had a couple a 7th graders laugh at me. Super embarrassing.

16. The Christmas Story. Lauren was Joseph and McKenna was Mary. Are you loving the costumes?? If you can get past the scary eyes. This was before the performance. McKenna was terrified to ride on the donkey (Jeff). So Lauren rode on the donkey (by this point McKenna was out of her costume and just in a diaper. Lauren was afraid to knock on the inn door, so the donkey did and when my brother "the innkeeper" opened the fabric door he was mean and scared both of the girls and neither of them wanted to finish, so nobody actually got in the stable during the production. All that hard work for nothing.

It was actually still very good. We sang songs in appropriate spots and my niece played her violin. And my little niece was the angel and she left her costume on. We had dinner in the "inn." Which included flat breads, cheese, figs, fruits, grape juice and was surprisingly good and filling.
Hopefully I won't be such a stranger to my blog. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.