A Birthday Message

I can't believe that as of yesterday I have a two year old. It has gone by so fast. We have had many tears of frustration (from me), and yet so many moments of joy. So hope you all enjoy this little montage of Lauren's first two years. They have been magical.

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Due to my overwhelming popularity yesterday, it is already time for a new blog. Now the only problem is thinking of something exciting to write about that will warrant my blogging friends to leave comments.

10 Things that have made me laugh today, or yesterday or anytime if I can't think of any.
  1. An elder in our ward calls chapstick "lip chap"
  2. Lauren wore two left shoes today. (Yep, that would make them non-matching
  3. A guy was laying out at the pool yesterday and when he was walking into his apartment he was checking out his tan (which needs another month of laying out)(he was actually really scrawny and geeky looking, which adds to the hilarity of the picture)
  4. Lauren has started to talk baby talk to McKenna
  5. Tonight while grocery shopping Lauren was helping to push the cart and it looked like she was playing "SuperMarket Sweep." She grabbed the biggest bag of cheese imaginable, broccoli, marble artisan bread, salami and some other interesting stuff.
  6. When McKenna farts Lauren kind of looks surprised and laughs then says "Poop"
  7. At a garage sale today they were trying to sell a little girls shirt for $5.50. Hello I am so not paying that much.
  8. I tripped going down the stairs last night on our date. I kind of hurt my finger when I was trying to stop myself
  9. What did the snail say when he was riding on the turtles back? "Weeeeeee"
  10. We went to the park the other day and Lauren was dumping buckets of sand on herself. Anyway when we got home she had pooped and I was changing her and was surprised to see so much sand in her diaper. I told her she had sand in her poop. Now every time I have changed her she say "sand. poop" "sand. poop"

I hope that these weren't too much of the "you had to be there experiences" or they won't be funny to you. You can tell I need to get a life when I think poop is funny.



Some of you (like my sister Alissa) know that for me to post a new blog I have to have a least six comments. Yes I am a comment snob and other kinds of snob, but this is who I am. Well thanks to the two comments Alissa made just so I would update my blog I am once again updating.

Well lets see what has been happening. First of all Jeff is doing a rotation in Valley for three weeks which leaves me car less. Me being the pioneer that I am met some friends at the park in their neighborhood. It is probably a little over two miles there and back. Not really a big deal except add in the hills, the strongest wind you can imagine, and a double stroller. Lets just say that I am a little tuckered out and I don't plan on doing that anytime soon.
Lauren has pretty much mastered putting her shoes on. Today she came in with one blue shoe and one purple flowery shoe. I took them off and put her crocs on and she was livid and when I went to get her snacks put her first choice back on. Oh and she also wore not one hat to the park, but two.
What else is new. hmmm. Oh my Nanny addiction is over, but only because I watched every episode there was on You Tube. Speaking of addictions, Garage Sale Season is back. Jeff's mom, Marlene and I went on Saturday morning while they were here and we got some awesome deals.
Jeff and I are on the lookout for a double jogging stroller, and as evidenced by craigslist, so is everyone else in Omaha. We have the crazy idea to run in the Cornhusker State Games.
Well I guess it is up to my blogging friends as to when I'll blog again.


Like Sunshine in the Morning. . .

Lauren has been sleeping in as of late and usually McKenna snoozes too, but today she is awake so I thought I would take advantage of this time and review Mothers Day. I'm not usually the gushy type when it comes to blogging but I have to say what a wonderful Mother I have. I can't think of a single person who has more love for her children. My Mom cares about every feeling, every failed attempt, every pain, every idea when it comes to her children. Thank you Mom.

A special thanks to Marlene for raising the man in my life to be so kind and patient. You did such a wonderful job.

More thanks go to all the moms that I am surrounded by, your example and friendships help me to make it through the day.

On to the fun stuff. Yesterday the boys were in charge of dinner. See Photo below. It was really a great dinner. Poor Jeff has such high ambitions. He decided that he wanted to make a homemade fresh peach pie AND a banana cream pie. The sweet man was in the kitchen for about 31/2 hours. There were no tears shed, but it was a close call.

But Jeff went all out, I feel so spoiled but also have the need to brag. He bought me a corsage to wear. "Lauren"got me a certificate to go get a massage, since I do blame her for my back pains. "McKenna" got me the greatest gift I could ever imagine:
I have always wanted a beach towel. I was always the dorky kid at the pool with just a normal bath towel. Now I can be in style with my High School Musical beach towel. It had to be from McKenna because there is no way Jeff would have bought me a Zac Efron towel.

Thanks Jeff for being so thoughtful and loving. (Sorry about the spacing of this post, I am so computer illiterate)