Things I learned in Texas

1. The sun is much hotter there, and you burn much more quickly.

(Did I mention that is was hot)??? Look at my sweaty girls

2. Spray on sunscreen put on in the wind isn't a good idea. Hence the learning of numero uno.
3. The ocean is very loud.

4. I decided that I am scared of the ocean because of its vastness. I like to see boundaries.

(Lauren loved loved loved the ocean)

5. The ocean is salty. Yuck

6. I could live in San Antonio. The riverwalk made me feel like I was in a different country.

7. Shammo is very very huge.

8. A whale show can make me emotional enough to cry.

(Here we are awaiting the show)

9. 3 adults in the backseat of a minivan makes for a hard time sleeping in the night

10. Pepto Bismol is a very good product. Don't ask.

11. I am scared of roller coasters. I opened my eyes once and saw that I was a bit tilted and really high and going really fast and then promptly closed my eyes and tried to relax for the rest of the ride.

12. It is possible for both of my girls to fall asleep after SeaWorld before we even left the parking lot. Just a wee tired, you think????

The girls awaitng swimming at SeaWorld. The water was so warm from the heat that it almost wasn't refreshing. Lauren went down her first waterslide here.

13. Boogie Boarding is really fun and really tiring.
14. Historic Galveston is a really sweet place.
This is the hotel that Jeff and I stayed at.
This is a place where Jeff and I ate dinner. It was really good except that we walked over a mile to get there. Through kind of a not so good part of town. Next time we'll drive. (Lesson number 14 1/2).
Picture of Us before we walked to dinner. We probably didn't look like this when we got there. Did I mention that it was really really hot??
15. Hurricane damage is quite frightening. (It has been 2 or 3 years since the last hurricane and there is still damage that hasn't been fixed. As in a giant hotel that is half in the water. (Some of the walls were missing and all the windows were broken and they are just now starting to tear it down)).

16. GPS is a life saver.
17. Toll roads are stupid
18. Houston drivers are crazy. I was driving and there was a huge billboard that said "Use caution Next 20 miles. 5 dead and 70 injuries." Scary right? So I look over and on the other side of the road there was a huge accident and lots of firetrucks and ambulances. Luckily we only got honked at once or twice, and missed the barricade on a quick exit. Hee Hee. Maybe I shouldn't have been driving.
19. Barney can keep Lauren entertained for hours. Literally hours. We Know.
20. Family Vacations are a lot of Fun.