Recent Cake Adventures

I had two cakes to do in a week. Ahhh. I like to keep at least two months in between cakes so I can forget how much work and time it actually takes to make a cake. Luckily these both went smoothly and Jeff as always was very supportive of my endeavours.

This cake was for a friend's baby shower. I was afraid the color wouldn't match very well, but it ended up being almost perfect. (Oh and the paper towels were just there till the bow dried.

This one was for a stake achievement day activity that my sister asked me to make. I didn't really love this cake. I was going for boutique looking and it just didn't end up looking like that. And I didn't love the purple and pink combo. (It looks blue in the picture but it was purple). And I was so excited to do a purple cake. Oh well.


Does It Even Make A DIFFERENCE?????

The other night I went to Target to buy some groceries. For those of you who know me, this is a daily occurrence. And when I got done I only had four bags. FOUR BAGS. Now here is the dilemma. The young man (hmmppph) who bagged them put way too many groceries in each bag. I grumbled all the way up to our THIRD floor apartment (40 stairs, in case you were curious) about how the bags were heavier and awkward because they were too full. Then I thought "HMMM. They weigh the same amount whether they are in four bags or ten." So my question to all you shopping connoisseurs is this: "DOES IT EVEN MAKE A DIFFERENCE????" (If not, then I have some repenting to do).


Perhaps I'm Irrational

I am a little spontaneous. But there is a reasoning behind my madness (or my maddening behavior to my mother). And here it is: It feels that whenever I plan anything it ends up getting cancelled. For various reasons such as the kids are sick or other people's kids get, or weather issues. So I have just decided to wait until I know everyone is healthy the morning of and make plans accordingly. Jeff says this is irrational behavior because things go as planned more than they are cancelled. Am I alone in this spontaneous way of living?


Naming Game

One of the things that scares me during pregnancy is the looming idea of picking out a name. Some people can pick out a name on day one and stick with the whole pregnancy. Why would they make a pregnant woman who is emotional and short of brain power pick out a name that their child will be called for the rest of their life. Sometimes people hear a name and think "WHAT WERE THEIR PARENTS THINKING." I'm telling you it is not a good combination.

For example #1: The other night I was trying to think of an N name. (Because we have an L, M and I thought it would be cute to have an N next. The problem was I couldn't think of any. Low Brain power.

Example #2: On Friday I heard the name Kent. I thought that it would be a cute name. (Yes, I realize that it is not an N name, but then it could go J, K, L, M. Get it)? Anyway I was trying to think of a middle name. Clarke is a family name and I really want to use it so I was saying in my head "Kent Clarke" hmmm..."Clarke Kent" that sounds familiar for some reason....Oh yeah. SUPERMAN. I guess that name is out.

AHHHHH.....So much responsibility.