I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that this wasn't on my original list, but it is something that I have never done before, something I have always wanted to do. I INHALED HELIUM. COOL RIGHT? Last night was our blue and gold banquet for cub scouts and I saw some kids doing it so I snagged a balloon from a little girl and I DID IT!!! (Sorry Mom, I know you always told us not to). I felt a little constricted in my chest after and lucky for me there was a doctor on the scene (I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to die or anything, wouldn't that tick you off if it turned out that your Mom was right)??? and he said that I was fine and wondered how I had ever made it through childhood without inhaling helium. I AM A VERY OBEDIENT CHILD.


What I would (will) buy!

1. Two armless slipper chairs. $139.99 each 15% off brings me to $238.00

2. New dishes two sets for $50.00 $288.00

3. Pots and pans. Our have gone to pot (ha ha). $40.00 $328.00

4. Platter to put on the table as decoration $16.99 add up to $344.99

5. I will need a new rug in the kitchen and a couple of matching towels. Estimated at $45.00 totals $389.99

6. Two sets of curtains; estimated at $60.00 brings me to a grand total of $449.99.

Hopefully I can find things on sale and on clearance, because I didn't even get to new towels and rugs for my bathroom, or the sofa table I wanted, or the lamps for the living room, or Easter dresses for my girls. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHH.

There had better be some good clearance and sales in the next month.


Target Gift Card

So the apartment complex where we are moving was having a special that when you leased an apartment you get a $450 gift card to Target. Well I have my ideas and that will be my next post, but what would YOU do with a $450 gift card. Leave responses here! (I bet I'll have you dreaming of Target)


Growing Up

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I couldn't end the day without an ode to my baby girl on her first birthday. We started the day off right with decorations, had a special dinner just for McKenna (Macaroni and Cheese) and finished with presents and cake. All in all, not too shabby.



2010 is the year to say "I DID IT," and so here are some things that I want to say I did in 2010. Now that I am saying these things to all of you readers out there, I might need you to motivate me to get some of them done.

1. Eat a Klondike bar. I have always heard the theme song "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" But I had no idea what they were. The other day I saw them at Target, bought them and "I DID IT."

2. Go to a concert. I have never been to a concert.

3. Write a children's book. I have some ideas, but they are just ideas.

4. Submit an article to the Ensign. I have one written, but I need to work on it a bit more.

5. Go water skiing. I am a bit afraid of the water, so this one might be tricky.

6. Run a half-marathon. I'm only half serious about this, so I won't feel too bad if I don't get to say "I did it."

7. Register for classes. I want to go back to school, and though the timing is not ideal, I know that I'll never do it if I don't do it soon.

8. Go to Arizona, or somewhere south. Just because I want to.

This is a year of firsts. So when you see a post entitled "I DID IT," you'd better check out my latest first. Yahoooo.


For the Love

Today has been a tough day to find loves so in lieu of daily loves I will post five things I love about the three people I love with all my heart!

1. I love Jeff's sensitivity to my feeling, my thoughts and dreams!

2. I love Jeff's eagerness to help anyone who needs help

3. I love Jeff's protective nature of his country roots! (Do not make fun of North Platte in front of him, or small high schools).

4. I love that when Jeff feels frustrated, he will stop and say a prayer. (This happened yesterday, so it is fresh in my mind).

5. I love that Jeff doesn't mind sleeping on six inches of mattress. I was making the bed the other day (a rarity) and noticed that my pillow was in the middle of the bed and his pillow was hanging off. It's not that I am a bed hog, I just like to sleep RIGHT NEXT to Jeff. He must have scooted over and I must have followed. If he doesn't want to fall off the bed he should scoot to the middle instead.

1. I love McKenna's big front teeth, and the smile that shows them.
2. I love that whenever McKenna wakes up, she is happy. (She gets that from me by the way).
3. I love that when she gets excited she makes really loud noises. And it seems like it is always at church.
4. I love the way she eats mac and cheese. She grabs a handful and shoves it in.
5. I love that when you give her her blanket she snuggles it and puts her fingers in her mouth.
1. I love Lauren's ability to love. When she loves something or someone, it doesn't matter if it is reciprocated or even ignored. She will just go one loving it.
2. This girl has some real spirit. When she wants something she is AVID. I usually end up weighing why I don't want her to have something, and usually decide that it is easier for me to help her get what she wants versus telling her no.
3. She is observant. Even this morning she kept asking me "Whats matter, Mommy"? I wasn't saying anything, but she could tell that I was frustrated. She notices everything.
4. She is my feelings girl and I love it. If you have hurt her feelings, she will tell you.
5. I love her way of being loved. She loves being bought things. It doesn't matter what it is. Months after I bought her her pacifiers she still says, in the cutest voice I might add, "Mommy, you buy these for me? Thaaaaank You!!!"


More Love

Well here is my list of things in the last two days that I have loved:
1. Jeff and Lauren built a snowman. It is a lovely snowman, but with a square nose (don't ask me why). It has been snowing for a couple a days and the snow was so wet and so perfect.
2. We finally found us an apartment to move into. After looking at it three different times. Sorry to anyone who comes to visit us because it is on the third floor. This will be mine and Jeff's 5th place to live in 3 years of marriage. What can I say, I get bored in one place. Which seems funny, because I lived in the same house until I was a sophomore in high school. (But I guess that was a house and not an apartment).
3. Last night Jeff and I went with some friends to see Avitar. Not really a movie that I would normally go see, but it was pretty cool and I loved the 3-D glasses. (I brought them home with me). We went to this totally chic theater/lounge place that serves you dinner while you are watching the movie. (Just a note: If you are going to eat dinner while watching a movie, it might be better if it wasn't a 3-D movie. Watching it was making me a little nauseous, not good when you have food in front of you that you are trying to it. It was fun because that place is multi-level and it was packed. There is just something more fun when the theater is full, than when you are the only person watching it.
4. The theater was downtown. And believe it or not, I have lived here for two years and this is only the second time I have been downtown. Totally lame. It is where all the cool people hang out. Well I guess that answers the question that I am not hip.
5. I made some really great strawberry trifle on Friday night. Totally my favorite dessert.
6. Also for dinner on Friday Jeff and I waited to put the girls to bed until we made dinner. I was fun to cook together and have a quiet, non-messy dinner.
7. I took McKenna to the doctor on Friday per Jeff's request because she has had a high fever, only to be told that there is nothing wrong, except a cold. I called Jeff after and told him that I am never going to the doctor when he tells me to. Anytime that I have taken them in they have actually had something wrong with them that could be fixed. Score one for Dr. Mom.
8. Only one week till Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Loves of Yesterday

Some things I loved about yesterday:
1. Stick Shifts. I love to drive them. (After our car broke down we were in a bit of a pinch and Melanie said we could borrow her car for the day). I drove a stick shift after high school and it just reminded me of how much fun they are to drive.
2. New car smell. Since it will be a while until Jeff and I purchase a new car perhaps I should buy a new car air freshener.
3. McKenna woke up at about 10:30pm last night so I brought her into our room to let her play for a bit, and it was so much fun. Jeff and I never get to spend time with just McKenna. She was also smiling so big and she would crinkle up her nose so that you could see her two big front teeth.
4. Jeff rocked her to sleep when she wouldn't go to sleep at 11:00pm.
5. The hole in Melanie's ceiling got fixed yesterday.
6. Lauren fell asleep last night with her only her head and her arms on the bed. It was really funny, and also very progressive for my floor-sleeping girl. We have been telling her that the "Bed Fairy" would come and put money under her pillow if she fell asleep on her bed. Now she wakes up and says "the bed fairy put monies under my pillow?"
We'll see what kind of things I will love today!


Things I love

I absolutely love Valentine's Day. Now some of you may think that this is because I have such an amazing husband who does lovely things, but in fact as a married couple we have had pretty much flops for Valentine's Day.
I have always loved Valentine's Day and to get into the spirit of things I will post some of the things that I loved about today and yesterday!
1. Lindor truffles (if you have never had them you have never had chocolate)
2. I love this dress: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-437-carousel.aspx (and pretty much every dress on this website)
3. The target dollar aisle (enough said, right)?
4. Our car broke down yesterday and when I was explaining to Lauren that the man was going to hook it up to his truck and take it somewhere to be fixed Lauren said "our car broke? We put tape on it!!!"
5. French dip sandwiches for dinner (Thanks Natalie for introducing me; I am totally hooked)
6. I love our new Community Center where we will be spending every second at from now on.
7. I love that in a 1/100,000,000 chance my girls slept till 8:30am. Yahoooooo.
8. Cinnamon french puff things (thanks Kim, sorry I can't remember the name)!!! They were super-good.
I hope all of you will think about the things and people that we love this Valentine season. And yes it is a season to me!!