Trick or Treating

Why is it that I can never get a picture of us before we go trick or treating? I feel like everything is such a rush and this year I had to bribe Callum to put his costume on. So what I'm saying is is that these pictures are from the next day and there isn't one of Callum because apparently the bribe only works once. Lauren was a cupcake and McKenna was an ice cream cone and Callum was a donut. Jeff and I had baker's hats and aprons, you know "because we made them." I thought it was funny and I'm a little sad that we didn't get a picture of all of us. That is my New Year's resolution. Family picture in our costumes BEFORE we go trick or treating.

Aren't these girls such cuties. 

We got a pretty good haul. We walked around the condos and then headed to an assisted living home that is a couple blocks away. The old people like to see the kids and it is a warm place to trick or treat. After that me and Cal headed home, but the girls (thanks to the long underwear I bought them) kept going for probably a half hour after that. I wish it were warmer here and not so dark so early. I had a hard time coming home with Callum. Seeing all those porch lights always makes me want to go to "one more house." I counted the girls' candy with them the next day and they each had over 90 pieces. I'm sad to say that it is all gone. Sad because its gone and sad because I know its gone because I ate it. I just remembered that Lauren had a lot more than that. Her teacher told the kids to bring her back all their Kit Kats and Three Musketeers because they were her favorite. And sweet Lauren did. She went through her and Kenna's candy and stuffed the pockets of her backpack full of them. I figured her teacher would send them back because I assumed she was just joking, but she took them. I wouldn't be so mad except that I love Kit Kats. Oh well. Her stick thin teacher can eat them.

This little guy was obsessed with his candy. This is two days after Halloween and he was still carrying around his bucket everywhere. I mean he even took it with him in the car when we went places. I was surprised that he didn't really try and sneak any candy. He would just dump it out and then put it back in.


Brittany Dent said...

Ha ha. I love the idea and the costumes.

The Ottley's said...

Love the costume ideas!!