We Have Visitors

The last week in August Jeff had a week and his parents came up for a visit. It was a week jam packed full of fun and adventures. I don't have a lot of pictures because his parents took a lot and I figured that I would get them from them later. We went to Devils Lake, the Dell and saw the Tommy Bartlett show, we went to the Baraboo circus (which as a side not was super lame, and Callum was so scared he never looked and eventually fell asleep on my shoulder). We also went to door county where we went to a drive in movie, which we all loved. That was my first time going to a drive-in. It was really neat and then the next day we went to tour a light house and went to an awesome beach on Washington Island. I hope that Jeff's parents got pictures of it because it was beautiful. It was a limestone beach. No sand. Just really smooth rocks. We skipped rocks forever. Well Jeff did, and Callum just plopped them in the water. I was about as bad as Callum and the girls seemed immune to the fact that the water was literally freezing. It was such clear water that I told myself that I would go all the way under the water. It took me the entire time we were there to work up the courage. So. Cold.
Who doesn't need a giant chair picture. Right?

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