Summer gone by

I know that it is probably ridiculous to post about stuff that happened so long ago but it has been bugging me. If I had to sum the summer vacation up in one word it would be....LONG. This summer was my first time actually having a summer vacation. There were things I loved, but by the end of July I was no longer a fun mom, I was no longer a happy mom, I was no longer a creative mom. At the beginning we kept a pretty rigorous schedule. A different outing each day of the week. Math time and writing time everyday while Callum took a nap, and it was good but exhausting taking all three kids out for outings, and then again if I had any errands to run. I don't have many pictures because at the time our outings seemed so routine, but now I wish I would have taken more and captured their childhood a little better.

We spent lots of time at the lake and at parks. The lakes here are awesome. Not clean enough for me to want to swim in them but that is what is great about it. I sit on a blanket on the beach watching my kids splash around and make sand castles, and if I got too hot sitting there I could go and get my feet wet and return to my blanket. We had our swim suit bag, and beach toy bag packed and ready to go every day almost like you would pack your hospital bag. 

We spent lots 

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