Our Most Recent Happenings

 May has been a busy month. Mothers day, Lauren's birthday party, Lauren's actual birthday, a quick trip to Nebraska, and doing all the end of school year wrap up stuff.

First up to share: Lauren's 6th birthday party!!!!
She was so excited to be having a birthday, she had been making little invitations on little pieces of scratch paper for months and when I asked her who she wanted to invite she said that she had already invited every person she has met in Wisconsin. After a lot of consideration we got it narrowed down to 11 of her closest friends from school. Whoever came up with suggestion that the number of friends you should invite should be equal to age they are was in fact giving some really good advice. Wish I would have listened. The party was really fun and special thanks goes out to a couple of friends, Becky my photographer and Lindsay, my cake helper, and of course Jeff for being supportive of my crazy antic and being a wonderful host to a bunch of six year olds. Here are a couple favorite pictures.

Lauren's actual birthday was much less glamorous (thankfully) with the request toaster strudels for breakfast and meatloaf for dinner. Her birthday was on Sunday and luckily she was just able to spend the afternoon playing with her new crafting stuff. 

 The day before Lauren's birthday we surprised Lauren by taking her to a horseback riding lesson. She has been saying that she wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up, well if that is true she is going to have to learn not to cry when she is on the horse. She even had the smallest horse. One of the trainers rode double with her and that made her feel much more comfortable.

Lauren riding Applejack

And here a just a couple of random photos that never got to see the light of day. 

Doughnut day is still alive and well at our house. I think we have found of favorite doughnuts, the only problem is that it is far away and has NO seating and they aren't very friendly. So we are trying to find our second favorite doughnut.

Seriously? Who wouldn't smile like this after eating a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles? 

Pretty picture of Spring Harbor Beach. Jeff and I took a blanket and watched a movie on his phone. Sounds nice right? Well it was until the swarm of bugs got too close for comfort and it started to rain on us. 
Me photo bombing our picture pre-rain!

Lauren and I before our date to go see The Music Man. Our friend Maddie was in it and Lauren loved trying to pick out which one she was on the stage. I had to pay $10 for her seat and she ended up sitting on my lap the entire time!! Which was fine, I got some seriously long snuggle time.

Nebraska was really fun. I went to go see my new sweet little niece Hannah and to see my sister and her family that were visiting from Idaho. I drove out there with the kids and I was super nervous about it, but it turned out to be pretty slick drive. Every hour we did a dance and then had a snack or new activity. I'm not sure I'm ready to do it again in a couple weeks when three more of my siblings will be visiting my parents. 

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