Jeff's 30th Birthday

You would think that being at the end of July that it would be warm but it was really cold. Like upper 50's cold. Jeff really wanted to go to Cave of the Mounds to celebrate his birthday and who am I to refuse his birthday wish? It is about 30 minutes away it was pretty cool, not the coolest cave ever. The tour was informative, way too informative. I think it lasted an hour. Callum did really good for about the first 30 minutes but after that he was basically a terror and we couldn't wait to get out of there. Here is a picture of us waiting for our tour to start. I really need to start asking random strangers to take our picture. The one handed thing is getting harder with every kid we have.

And I honestly don't remember anything else we did that day. I'm still plagued by the memory of Callum playing a ant smashing game on Jeff's phone in the cave and then the tour guide making us turn it off so we could see something glow in the dark. Callum's reaction wasn't pretty. That must be what is blocking my memory fromm anything else that happened. 

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